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Shatterproof Archery

Hickory Stave - Free shipping

Hickory Stave - Free shipping

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Forge your own path with our Hickory Stave! This stave is ready to be crafted into a bow, providing endless possibilities for those who seek a challenge. Made from hickory, its strength and durability will guide you towards your next great adventure. Take the first step and release your inner archer.


  • Some pieces may have minor defects (small knots, imperfect grain)
  • For pieces with uneven string grooves, cut off 1-2" from each tip
  • Some pieces do not have string grooves cut in
  • Each piece has been sorted for quality and is unique
  • Add a strip of bamboo to use as a backing or perfect your tillering with no backing
  • Add a 10" Block of Walnut for a handle and tip overlays.
  • 3 sizes, 60", 68" and 72" total lengths
  • How Long to make your bow based on draw length

    Draw length to Bow length








B-55 is 100% Polyiester

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