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The Invincible Flemish Twist Bowstring

If you have ever had a bowstring loop break or are worried about your loop breaking, this string is for you!

The loop is the most common area for a string to wear out. That is why we created the Invincible Flemish Twist Bowstring. The loops are served for strength and the splices are flemish twisted for smoothness. If this string breaks for any reason, we will replace it for free.

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The D-97 bowstring has been social-proofed by being the top choice for more than 5000 of our customers.

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Kramer Ammons started making YouTube videos to overcome his irrational fear of cameras. What he found shocked him. He fell in love with video making. After 25 million views Kramer is still making videos and Shatterproof Archery is growing.


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Started as a custom bow string company. From there an archery leather shop was born. Most recently Shatterproof Archery has started selling custom bows. With over 1,000 five star reviews we are helping more people enjoy more archery.