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D97 Hunting Bowstring (SHIPS SAME DAY - 2 day FREE shipping)

D97 Hunting Bowstring (SHIPS SAME DAY - 2 day FREE shipping)

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  • If you do not see the bowstring length you would like, check out the custom D97 bowstring listing. This is the same as a custom D97 string except that we stock it at amazon warehouses for quick shipping.
  • Made in USA - Every bowstring is handmade in our shop located in Colorado Springs, Co.
  • Choose with or without beaver - Beaver string silencers absorb vibration and quiet the shot. Beaver is preferred by hunters and those who like a smoother shot. Silencers will reduce FPS by 2-3 fps
  • Flemish twist D97 Bowstring - Flemish twist has long been known as a premium bowstring. Every string is twisted, stretched, served and waxed by hand. D97 bowstring material provides the perfect balance of smoothness, preferred by hunters and target shooters alike. D97 works great on recurves, longbows and everything in between.
  • High quality polygrip serving material - Extra long 10” serving section of .025” high grip serving material that works great for string walkers, 3 under and split finger.
  • Actual bowstring length, not AMO - Measure your current bowstring to get actual bowstring length. If you do not have a bowstring take your AMO and subtract 4” for a recurve, 3.5” for a reflex deflex, or 3” for a long bow.


B-55 is 100% Polyiester

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