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Fast Flight Custom Bow String

Fast Flight Custom Bow String

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Loop Style


The Fast Flight string helps your shot stay straight and fast. We handcraft this string for you so you can focus on speed and accuracy with your shot!

Fast Flight Features: 

  • Invincible loop option great for bows that wear out the string loops.
  • Loop size: 1.25" Bottom and 1.75" Top (or any size upon request).
  • For Fiberglass bows.
  • 16 strand bowstring.  
  • Polygrip serving material .025".
  • Fits standard nocks or any nock size upon special request.
  • Flemish twist bow string (hand woven).
  • 10" (extra long) serving section to protect the string from wrist slap.
  • The string is served and ready to shoot. 
  • Fast bow string with low creep.
  • Pre-Waxed. 
  • Pre-Stretched. 
  • Material is the original fast flight (652 Spectra).
  • Number one string choice for archery competitions.

652 Spectra bow strings are the perfect choice for someone interested in fast arrow flight. This string is not recommended for wood and primitive bows because it's a very low stretch bow string. 

If you're looking for speed out of your performance bow, this bow string is for you!

Thank you so much for shopping with us! 

We are for you,

Be Shatterproof!


B-55 is 100% Polyiester

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