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The Bare BONES - Fiberglass Bow Kit

The Bare BONES - Fiberglass Bow Kit

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Building a high quality fiberglass bow can be expensive, from years of R&D to $1000's in tools and equipment. That's why we created the Bare BONES. It has everything you need to build a high end bow without the high end price. 
We offer 3 Bare BONES packages
1. The Bare BONES (The BONES at a ridiculous price)
- The Bare BONES fiberglass bow blank
- Tool kit including a straight edge, sharpie and centerline string
- Step-by-step instructional pamphlet
2. The Bare BONES Plus (Everything you need to shoot the bow)
- Everything from “The Bare BONES”
- D97 Hunting Bowstring with Beaver - $49.99
- Sticky Perfect Bowstring Wax - $11.99
- Universal Arrow Rest - 5.99
3. The Bare BONES Exclusive (Guaranteed shooting bow!)
- Everything from "The Bare BONES Plus”
- Text and call support with Shatterproof Bowyer
- 100% Shatterproof Guarantee that you will build a shooting bow (even if you break the bow in the building process, we will send you another one).

The Bare BONES Features:

The BONES is renowned as a smooth and fast shooting bow.

We build the first half of the bow and you build the second half to make it your own.

- Full "How To" video start to finish

- Step by Step instructions

- Walnut Handle with arrow shelf reference

- Perfectly tapered bamboo laminations for optimum tiller

- Tip overlays glued on

- Ambidextrous - Build for right or left hand archer



B-55 is 100% Polyiester

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