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Bearpaw Powerglass Clear/Black (Fiberglass for bow backing)

Bearpaw Powerglass Clear/Black (Fiberglass for bow backing)

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Bearpaw Crystal Clear Powerglass is perfect for traditional bowyers who want to preserve the natural beauty of their bows.

Bearpaw Black Powerglass gives you a nice clean finish on all of your bows!

  •  Crystal Clear Powerglass allows you to keep the natural beauty of the wood laminations in your bow.
  • There are no streaks or blemishes with Powerglass.
  • You'll experience crystal-clear perfection with complete transparency. Wood grains and colors will really pop, giving your bow a vibrant look.
  • One side is roughed to provide a reliable gluing surface, while the other side is smooth for a quality finish.
  • .030" or .040" Thickness
  • 1.5" Wide 
  • 72" Long


B-55 is 100% Polyiester

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