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Archery Shooting Glove Shatterproof Archery

Archery Shooting Glove Shatterproof Archery

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We wanted to create a shooting glove that offered 3 things: easy & quiet installationcomfort, and protection. After months of experimenting with different glove styles and different fasteners, we finally produced an archery glove that we love! This is the glove we will be taking into the woods this hunting season. It feels like you are wearing a super comfy extra layer of skin on your hands, well, you are...


  • REAL Leather - Sunridge Side Chocolate Brown
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Button Stud fastener for a quiet, easy installation that will not come loose
  • 3 Button holes for different-sized hands
  • Unique wrist strap design that actually keeps the glove in place
  • Fits people in height 5'6-6'6


B-55 is 100% Polyiester

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