The Differences in B50 (Dacron), B-55, D-97 and 652 Spectra (Fast Flight) Bowstrings?

The major difference in bow string material is the amount of stretch. Some bowstrings stretch more than others.
Here are the 3 effects of bow string stretch.
  1. Speed of the arrow
  2. The smoothness of the shot (hand vibration)
  3. The noise of the shot 
  • B55 bow strings and Dacron bow strings stretch the most. B55 and Dacron are identical except for their diameter. So as far as performance goes they are basically the same. This means you can expect a smooth shooting bowstring that is quiet. The tradeoff is that it tends to be 5 fps slower than a d-97 string and 10 fps slower than Fast-Flight string. B55 strings are most commonly used for archers who care more about smoothness than speed. B55 strings are also the top choice for people who make their own bows. The B-55 bow string is the most forgiving string, and if your top priority is quietness and smoothness this is the string for you. 
  • D-97 bow strings are the best of both worlds. They stretch more than Fast Flight but less than B55. You will get a fast arrow and a smooth release when you shoot a D-97 bow string. The trade-off is that you don't get the quietest string or the fastest string but it is a good middle ground and rivals B55 for the most popular bow string. 
  • 652 Spectra (Fast Flight) bow strings stretch the least. This means you can expect a super fast arrow. The trade-off is that there's more noise on release and possibly more hand vibration. Tournament archers and competition archers often choose fast flight as their primary bow string. When speed is your highest priority Fast Flight is your bowstring. 

Here is a quick video explaining the differences in bow string material.


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