Troubleshooting Bowstring issues

We cover the 6 most common issues bowstrings have and how to fix them.

1. My bowstring is fraying

If you have received a flemish twist bowstring and you see it fraying within 10" of the loops, you are seeing a tag end popping out. Tag ends are tucked and twisted into the string in the flemish twist process and it is very normal for them to pop out. You can continue to shoot your bow or you can trim it with a razor blade or scissors and wax it to keep them from popping out again. 

2. My bowstring is sticky

If you receive a sticky bowstring that is a good thing. We wax all of our bowstrings so that they are ready to shoot. Wax keeps the bowstring from wearing out.

3. My bow does not shoot well with the new bowstring

Whenever any variable changes in archery it can mess with your shooting. When you get a new bowstring 2 things can change, your brace height and your nocking point.

- If you have an old bowstring you can check your brace height (the distance from the deepest part of the handle to the bowstring) and then match your new bowstring to that brace height.

You can change your brace height twisting your string tighter (this will make your brace height higher) or by twisting your string looser (this will make your brace height lower). If you ordered from us and still cannot get your desired brace height let us know and we would be happy to exchange strings with you to get one that fits your bow.

- If your nocking point is high or low on your new bowstring it can cause your arrow to fly funny. Note: Set your brace height before you set your nocking point because changing your brace height can change your already installed nocking point.

4. My bowstring is the wrong length

A sweet feature of the flemish twist bowstring is that the length is adjustable. By twisting or untwisting the string you can usually get .5" or sometimes even 1" in either direction. 3 full twist will change your bowstring about 1/4" in total length.

If your bowstring is still the wrong length after you twist or untwist it, let us know and we will replace it for no cost.

5. My arrows are not flying straight

If your arrows do not fly straight this is an arrow tuning issue. Check out this video for up down tuning and check out this one for left to right tuning.

6. What if my serving wears out?

We have used the highest quality serving to prevent this from happening, but eventually (sometimes around 7,000-8000 shots) it can wear out. If this is the case it is easy to replace the serving and continue to use the bowstring. This video shows how to replace the serving.

I hope these tips helped and if you have any questions let us know at we are happy to help!

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