How To Make Your Recurve Bow String Last Longer

If you're not careful with your bowstring, you'll quickly find yourself replacing it more often than you'd like. Try these three tips to extend its lifespan.
  1. Avoid using your bow wrong.
  2. Wax It then wax it again.
  3. Friction is the enemy
From helping tens of thousands of people with bowstrings we have learned that most bowstring failure happens on the loops of the bowstring. This makes since because that is the area that is in contact with the bow. This may help.
1. Avoid using your bow wrong
Remember bowstring failure comes from friction to the bowstring. Bowstrings are made of many little fibers and we want to avoid wearing these out our severing them.
  • Don't use your bow as a walking stick. If your bowstring is even slightly nicked this will compound over time.
  • Stringing the bow without a bow stringer. If you place one end of the bow on the ground to string it the string could get nicked. And this is no good. If you choose to string the bow without a bow stringer make sure the bow is on something soft (like your shoe) so that the string does not get nicked.
  • If you make your own bows make sure that the string groves are sanded as smooth as possible
2. Wax it then wax it again.
You can not really over wax your bowstring. Just remember to wax the loops as well. This is the part that needs it most!
Good bowstring wax will.
  • Waterproof your bowstring
  • Help protect from UV rays
  • Keep the string from drying out and becoming weaker.
If you need good bowstring wax you can find Perfect Bow String Wax On amazon here. or go to our shop tab or search for it on our website.
3. Friction is the Enemy
If you can avoid unnecessary friction then your bowstring will last longer.
  • On the string loops wax helps lubricate the friction helping the bowstring last way way way longer. Just think about driving your car with no oil in it. Ya that would be a bad day.
  • Keep the bowstring away from sharp objects. The ground - Rocks - tools - broadheads and arrow points - and all the random stuff in your truck.
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