How to Maintain Your Bowstring

Bowstrings can last for 10,000+ shots if you take care of them and properly maintain them. These are not things you have to do, but if you would like to increase the lifespan of your bowstring, here is how you do it:

1. Wax your bowstring

Why? Waxing your string will keep it from drying out, make it weatherproof and will keep tag ends from popping out on flemish twist strings.

How often? We recommend waxing your bowstring every 300 shots or every time you are outside for a prolonged period of time. 

What wax should I use? You can use any bowstring wax, we sell perfect bowstring wax which is our favorite consistency that works in all weather conditions.

How should I wax my string? Rub the wax on the entire string (including the loops on a flemish twist) except the serving section and then rub it in with your hands to warm it up and smooth it out. If you want your string to look super nice, wrap string or serving around the bowstring, pull it tight and slide it up the string to remove any extra wax.

2. Keep your bowstring clean

The two main areas bowstrings wear out is where it comes into contact with the bow and the arrow. So the loops and the serving section. If dust or dirt gets in those areas in particular it can cause it to wear out quicker. 

3. What to do if the bowstring gets wet?

If your bowstring gets wet it is totally okay, just leave it in a place where it can dry. If you have beaver string silencers that get wet, they will look a little sad until they dry out. Once they are dry you can flick the string or shoot the bow and they will fluff back up again.

4. Don't store the bowstring in the sun

The UV rays from the sun will wear out your bowstring quicker than if it was stored in the shade. The sun will also cause the color in the bowstring to fade.

5. A worn out bowstring is not a bad bowstring

If you have worn out your bowstring that is awesome! That means that you have been shooting or been out in the woods having a great time.

These tips are not musts, but can over double the life time of your bowstring if you follow them:)

If you have any questions let us know!

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