How to Install Beaver string silencers

Beaver string silencers absorb vibration and make your bow quieter. If you are a hunter, beaver string silencers are the way to go. Here is how to install them.

To install the silencers you will need:

1. Beaver silencers

2. Bowstring

3. Bow

4. 1 or 2 Pencils/markers, or string dividers to divide the string.

Tip: Wax your string before installing the beaver, this will help it stay better.

Step 1

With the bowstring unstrung divide the two bundles about 7-10" from the end of each loop and insert the pencil/marker or string divider. Usually the two bundles are different colors so it is easy to see where to seperate the string, but if they are the same color, you can divide the string right where the flemish ends and this will help you get your 2 even bundles.

Step 2

String up your bow with the dividers between the two bundles.

Step 3

Insert one end of the silencer to the right of the divider and then slide the divider away from the beaver to the left about 4-6". 

Step 4

Wrap the beaver around the bowstring toward the divider until you have just enough beaver to hold onto. The beaver hair should stick up as you wrap it around the string. If the beaver does not stick up, try starting with the other end of the beaver.

Step 5

Slide the divider back toward the beaver until you have space to tuck the beaver between the 2 bundles. NOTE: when sliding the divider, the string will respond by twisting the divider. This is totally fine just don't get whacked by the spinning divider.

Step 6

With the beaver tucked between the 2 bundles remove the divider. So both ends of the beaver should be tucked between the two bundles.

Step 7

Pluck the bowstring to make the beaver puff up. If they ever get wet or become "not so puffy", shoot the bow or pluck the string and they will puff up again.

Step 8

Enjoy shooting your quiet bow.

If you have any questions let us know!

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