How To - 3 Ways to install nocking points on your bowstring - The pros and cons

A good nocking point can make all the difference when shooting your bow. Consistency is key and having a nocking point helps big time with consistency.

There are 3 types of nocking points:

1. Brass with nocking pliers

2. Serving with the nail knot

3. Floss with overhand knots.

There are also 4 factors when it comes to nocking points:

1. Cost

2. Speed to install

3. Skill it takes to install

4. How long it lasts

Here is a chart showing the pros and cons of each method.

Factors Cost Speed  Skill Lifetime
High Brass Brass Serving


Mid Serving Floss Brass Serving
Low Floss Serving Floss Floss


Brass Based on the chart you can see that the brass wins out. The two downsides to this method are that 1) you need nocking pliers to install and 2) you can not adjust it once installed.

Serving This method is our personal favorite, it will last basically as long as the brass but it just takes a little more skill. To learn how to tie the nail knot (aka knotless knot) check out the video below.

Floss This method should be free for you. Just tie overhand knots over and over, cut off the extra floss, and lightly burn the ends. The floss will wear out but it is a great temporary or cheap nocking point option.

If you need serving, brass nocking points, or nock pliers, we offer them here on our website. If you need floss, you should probably visit your dentist.

Check out the video below to see how to install each method of nocking points.

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