What People Are Saying About Shatterproof Archery - 1500+ Reviews

Shatterproof Archery started in a Shed, then a Crawl Space, Garage, Basement, another garage and finally a workshop. 1500+ 5 star reviews later, here we are. This is what people are saying about us:

i ordered a few days ago a rear facing hip quiver and an ultimate arm guard, because i loved the sensation of quality i saw on website and youtube videos.

just received my stuff today, and all i saw is real : leather quality, handmade quality, comfort, design...

the hip quiver is as minimalistic as comfortable and useful, the leather is thick, well cutted, arrows don't move when in.

and the ultimate arm guard is made with several soft and hard leather, to be as comfortable as protective.

both of them are easy to adjust, and, honestly, really beautiful and cool 😎.

kisses from France shatterproof team, you do a really, really good job!

I ordered some Fast Flight from Shatterproof and they made my bows faster and smoother. Now I will outfit all of my traditional bows with Shatterproof.

I've bought two three-under chrome leather tabs and two sets of string silencers. I got a high-quality product and fast shipping on both of my orders. I would highly recommend this company. I'm thinking of buying a few of those bow stringers and maybe a new string soon.

I've bought two three-under chrome leather tabs and two sets of string silencers. I got a high-quality product and fast shipping on both of my orders. I would highly recommend this company. I'm thinking of buying a few of those bow stringers and maybe a new string soon.

Strings from people that love what they do....you can tell! From the package the strings come in to the strings themselves care and quality from beginning to end! I cant believe how quiet the stings make my bow and the performance of the strings!I will only be using Shatterproof strings on my bows! Thank you for the high quality work!  I wish other companies would take a note from your book! How Shatterproof does what Shatterproof does really sets them apart and puts them on top! if I could give 11 stars I would because they go to 11.

Very well made bowstrings. Super fast turnaround. Ordered on Christmas Eve and my string arrived 5 days later. Super awesome!

got a D97 Flemish twist bowstring for 50# Black Hunter Recurve. Beautiful and high performance string. Made huge improvements over stock string in terms of shot grouping. The wax seal on envelope and hand written note is a very nice personal touch!  Also, saw your video on "nail knot" for nocking points which was extremely helpful and iI used it to tie yarn silencers too. Thanks Krammer!

Flemish twist on a Korean bow? yes, it works great on my 60# Daylight Phoenix. It shoots smooth and feels reliable and tough.

I appreciate the responsiveness and tailored service I got from Shatterproof,  I will get all my strings from here from now on.

Keep flinging those arrows friends  :]

The Flemish twist D97 bow string I bought is Of impeccable craftsmanship. Also the order shipped extremely fast. I will definitely be using these guys from here on out. 💯

Just received a set of custom strings from the great folks at Shatter Proof Archery !! Wonderful quality, excellent performance (fast, smooth and silent with use of balls)!! Handmade Flemish twist string of your custom length and color choice with OUTSTANDING customer support and engagement!!


Replaced the stock string that came with Black Hunter bow and OMG, what an amazing difference!! Soooo much smoother and enjoyable release!! I'm new to archery and this is my FIRST custom string....don't think I'm going back to 'off the shelf' -- the small extra expense is REALLY worth it!

Check out the pics -- wonderful packaging :)

Amazing strings at great prices. Genuine craftsmanship and thought go into his products as well as the packaging. Couldn’t be more pleased. Will be purchasing from him again.

Awesome quality products from a true lover of archery. I will be buying more products asap. The hip quiver was my first purchase and I was not disappointed. Looking forward to doing business with shatterproof in the future

Outstanding products and overall great experience with Shatterproof Archery!!! I ordered a custom string for my new longbow. It was built to order, and arrived to my house in less than 2 days from about cross country!! High quality product, nicest string I’ve had, and I’ve had many. HIGHLY recommend going to Shatterproof Archery to look at what they have to offer. Products, packaging, website, customer service all top notch!!

I found this shop through YouTube and I loved the specific style of leather equipment. Since I live in Scotland I was dubious that they would deliver to me. However, I contacted them directly and was quickly informed that they do ship internationally. Within 7 days I received the best quiver, tab and arm guard I have ever seen and would recommend to everyone. Customer support was excellent, I cannot fault anything and will definitely be buying more in the future.

I've been in business for over 42 years.

Communication is key add a quality product and speedy delivery with professionalism and kindness and the rest will fall into place. Great experience!

Shatterproof...for me your reputation is Shatterproof. Keep up the good work

The split finger tab is made of some seriously fine leather. It feels good to shoot and I know it will only get better with time. I love the leather work that goes into these products. The ultimate arm guard is very well made. Not only will I support an independent seller like Kramer, I encourage anyone to invest their hard earned money in products of this calibur.

I love the leather work that goes into these products. The ultimate arm guard is very well made. Not only will I support an independent seller like Kramer, I encourage anyone to invest their hard earned money in products of this calibur.

Excellent customer service. I had ordered a tillering string and a b55 Dacron string. I had made the classic error of measuring my bow wrong and ordered the wrong size string. I emailed Kramer and he sent out a new string of the size that I needed with out any questions. He stands by his word word and will get you the right size string even if you make the mistake. The packaging is excellent and is a really nice touch to show that he takes pride in his product which is something I really appreciate. I need a new archery tab and just ordered it from here today. I love to support small business especially when they stand behind there product and take care of their customers. I recommend this place to all of friends and family. You have earned a customer for life. Keep up the great work.

I have purchased three finger tabs and bow strings from Shatterproof and I have never been disappointed.  The shipping, and the quality of the products has been great.  I will buy from this company again....highly recommended.

Great products all around. I've ordered various products from Shatterproof. All products are top level quality. Strings , arm guards , wax and merch always satisfied when it arrives. The wax is the best I've used so far.

Quality service and products.The bowstring I ordered came in today and it is beautifully crafted and sealed, I loved the packaging and stamp on the back! Works and fits perfectly on my bow and I am so pleased. Oh! And very thoughtful on labelling tip, that was helpful.

Top notch business and bowmanship👍🏻👍🏻

I just received my Essential Arm Guard.  It is a 5 star product for sure.  Excellent quality leather and finishing, as well as easily adjustable for any size arm.  Very reasonable price for a hand made product.  Keep up the excellent work Shatterproof Archery.

I really like the shirt. I have also been using your bow strings for over a year now and they are the best strings I have ever used. Thank you for your positive attitude over the last year. It has been a hard year and your videos and attitude has made it better. Thank you

Just received a seriously classy delivery from Shatterproof archery! Great customer service and sent really quickly!! Product is seriously high quality!!

I have bought a tillering string, bow string, and 3 under tab from Shatterproof Archery. All items arrived in a timely fashion and were thoughtfully packaged, which was a nice touch. Kramer’s YouTube guidance is a wealth of knowledge that has made me a better archer and a decent amateur bowyer. A lot of quality and a lot of fun here!

Don and Lori Pacetti

We are a husband and wife team, in our 60’s, who are just getting into traditional field archery. Over the years we have learned that you should always buy quality items - first time, every time! For that reason we chose Shatterproof Archery and ordered two 3-finger tabs, a B-55 bowstring and two Ultimate Arm Guards. Shatterproof Archery created, packed and delivered these products with care and obvious pride of workmanship. We could not be happier. Based on Shatterproof Archery’s YouTube review of the Black Hunter Longbow, Don was able to purchase his first bow, with confidence. We highly recommend new and experienced archers subscribe to this excellent video channel. You get solid, unbiased opinions, product reviews, detailed bow making advice and suggestions on how to enjoy the hobby without spending a fortune. You will also be thoroughly entertained. If you want superb, quality products, at a reasonable price, chose Shatterproof Archery.

First id like to say when you receive your package ,you will be pleasantly surprised with packaging . the quality of the leather goods and strings are unsurpassed !

Most of all the youtube videos are really what gave me the inspiration and confidence to make my very first bow.it is so gratifying to shoot it when you know you made it your self. It's Shatterproof!!!

also i had trouble with USPS getting my item to me , but no worries, shatterproof took care right away ,by sending another.

shatterproof archery will have and keep my patronage ,i am sure of it.


Many Thanks , Sincerly , Kevan Cullins -robin from the hood-

I've been looking for a while for a specific leather hip field quiver and a particular style and found these guys on Youtube. I got an Arm Guard with multiple soft and strong layers, a sturdy nice tab and the hip quiver. Well crafted and did I mention the price? These guys care and are passionate about what they do and they will give you the highest quality/service . I love it.

I bought a couple of strings one tillering string, and one for a bow that I was building. I got all the stuff, built a board bow and my first bow turned out awesome. I followed the plans, and it worked out great. My first bow tillered out awesome it's about a 50-lb bow it is a bamboo backed recurve maple bo withI black laminate on the belly side.  As I said it turned out great, thanks again guys great job. I'll be buying more stuff soon.

Absolutely amazing


I have loved the videos they put out.

I have ordered a dozen string from these guys and they have been fast and very helpful in helping me get the right stuff.

I will keep using them as my bow string supplier.

10 star customer service

Ordered some merch from Shatterproof and love the quality of the stuff I got. I am so glad to be able to support the company and be a part of their message. Stay Shatterproof!

Finding the right string for my bow was easy and stress free. when the strings arrived I was greeted by a masterwork. Fit like a glove, and cannot wait to go test my bow, once it stops snowing.. :)

If you want great bow products such as bow strings, these folks are excellent.  If you have any concerns, their communication and effort in giving you proper service is second to none.  Really great people

I made my first bow with Kramer's instruction and am using his Bow Strings and leather grip.  Great craftsmanship, easy web site to navigate and great customer service...well done Kramer!

Very professional work highly recommend and will definitely by all my strings and leather work from Shatterproof Archery from here on out

I received my string today 🙂


I would like to thank you.


Most people would just toss it in a manilla envelope and shove it in the mail.


But not you. It's the little touches that you've done that make this purchase so much more than just transaction of money. You've made it personal with the stamp and placing my name on the string when it was ready to ship.


You my friend and your team are exceptional. You have enlightened my day.


Thank you again.


Shoot straight, Jarad hightower

These folks are a ton of fun and really know their stuff. So glad to see them taking off. I'm just a novice Archer but have learned so much from them already via their YouTube series, that I couldnt wait to buy their gear. Best of all, they have excellent customer service!

Awesome sight full of great material for those who want to try building a bow.  Plus, they sell excellent strings and accessories.

So happy with the service and support of these guys. From the videos to the products, it's refreshing to know someone cares enough to do it right.  I recommend them and will purchase from them again.

Great strings has helped with accuracy and to silent my bow will buy again I've gotten 2 so far

Superb products and customer service. Bought a b97 bowstring and it shoots like a Dream and are just beatifully made!

Amazing service, great products, and super fast shipping!

Bought a B55 string. Very pleased with product and service. Will order from these people again.

Great communication, fantastic bow string and tab. Love the videos as well.


Can't recommend enough!

Excellent products and awesome customer service!!

Great company and great folks to deal with. Very quick turnaround on your orders and excellent workmanship.

Extremely impressed with my order. Loved the packaging as well.

I ran across shatterproof on YouTube a while back. Great videos and you can really tell that Kramer loves what he does! I purchased a three under tab about a year ago and love it..! High quality and comfortable. Needing to up my game with more accessories I purchased the Archery Combo. Rear facing leather quiver, ultimate arm guard and another three under. Let me tell you, that quiver will last forever..! Super comfortable and great ergonomics! Clean and functional. I can say the same about the Ultimate Arm Guard. Superb…!!

I knew I was going to get quality but, you guys blew me away…👍🏻

I love the quality of your products.

I watch the 15.00 board bow video and made two of them now. Next up is a elm self bow. Thank you!

I was contacted by text to confirm the string was for a traditional asiatic recurve "horse" bow. The bow string was shipped a day or two later and arrived next day. The top loop was marked, it was waxed thoroughly, and it has worked very well. I am very pleased.

It silenced the sound of the arrow sliding along the rest as I draw it back.

Very high quality string. The serving is so clean. Not too loud for hunting with beaver balls in place.

Helpful videos for selecting string length and how to install Beaver balls. String made and shipped to Canada in a timely manner. Packaging was very cool as well!

Like everything I have purchased from Shatterproof "Excellent"

the craftsmanship

It was exactly what I ordered, loved the colors, we’ll packaged and easy to break in. ( pre stretched )

User friendly and easy to navigate

Great color selection, fast delivery!

Everything !

The wax is soft and easy to apply to the bowstring, so all in all a good quality wax.

This wax coated evenly and lasted longer than I expected it to. I like the larger surface area on it, I have more control over where it goes on my string. My old wax was in a little plastic tube and hard to finely control it. This one is just a lump of wax in your hand and you do the rest. I would recommend putting it inside a shop towel to keep the wax off your fingers, and to keep the dust and crap off the wax when you are not using it. I store mine in the shop towel and then in a zip bag. Takes up like no space. I generally prefer a little less wax on the serving area, so this lets me control that. I get an even coating of wax and my bowstring is nice and smooth. The only reason I took off a star is because if you are using it close to the edge, you will get some little pieces split off. It isn't too bad but does get a bit annoying over time. I have several bows to wax at once, so it adds up.

This is very nice and I never thought i needed it until I inspected my bow and realized that I should probably maintain the string better.

Especially after having bows over $500, its easy to apply and know that your not going to damage your strings from drying out.

The wax itself is not super hard or really soft. The consistency of it is very nice and once applied to the string its a good idea to just rub it in evenly.


The wax came in quickly as expected and works great.

Nothing to complain about. Im glad I found this product for my bows.

his Shatterproof brand wax is a blend of waxes and resins as noted by the manufacturer, and reacts well to a little heat to soften it more for application. After warming up a bit, I rubbed it into the cable fibers with a clean dry tack cloth instead of my fingers and difference it makes in action is night and day, while helping to lubricate and seal out moisture.


A bit pricey (almost double over typical string wax) for what feels like blended beeswax and no container or tube for storage, but it works well and should last a long while.

A must have for archery. Recurve bows strings are fibers not a woven line like on compound bows. This wax helps keep the fibers together and helps for a clean solid release. Many new bow strings come pre waxed but it needs to be reapplied regularly. This does the trick.

This bow string wax is great. It is solid and sturdy. It holds up well with application. It transfers easily without wearing down.


My only issue was getting it out of the box, because it is packed tightly.


Excellent product, I highly recommend it.

It's seems fine what can I say it's bow wax I'm no pro but found smaller size works a bit better than larger bars I've used.it does the job real fine.👍

Using this right now to make my second bow with it. It's perfect for use on a tillering tree.

String is well made. I use mine all the time for different size bows and it works great. Your video's inspired me to start making my own bows and this string was definitely essential.

You Guys are Great fast service . The mail lost one of my orders . with in days I was replaced with NEW ORDER  great service  JD.

Easy to put on and work well! Made my bow way smoother and quieter

The layout of the pages are well done with good product pictures and descriptions


I purchased a quiver and string. The quiver is really nice, ordered the wrong size string and shatterproof sent me a new one no charge. Also I got some swag with original order.  Very happy!  Thank guys, Jeff


Serving size is large no frays or defects way less of an elastic feel versus my string that came on bow.

And aesthetically gives my bow a personal touch I ordered two

The leather in this tab was good quality. It was easy to customize the fit. I also have bought a new string for my longbow and it was also a great product. The string was thoroughly pre-waxed and stretched. The serving was tight and well placed. Once I set the brace height and nock point there was no more tweaking because of unexpected stretch in the string. Shatterproof products are well made!!!

I'm a fan of Krammers channel and have used info found within starting my own boyers journey. The string was of highest quality and has not stretched at all. Highly recommend his products.

Very well made, comfortable to wear, quiet with string contact, can't beat the quality for the price

I have purchased several items from Shatterproof Archery and all of them are of excellent quality and user-friendly right out of the package, my latest purchase which was a special request on my part is an extra long tillering string in black and orange at 120 inches and everything that I have purchased in the past is used almost daily with no issues, if you need something to make bows or a string don't hesitate to talk to the team at Shatterproof.

Just received my string this morning. I followed the advice in the “how to order” video and ordered a 56” string for my 60” Black Hunter recurve. The measured brace height was 9” and I like an 8” height. I feel like I had to untwist the string a whole lot to reach the right height. I feel like I should have ordered a 57” string. As of now it’s at 8 1/8” but I don’t feel comfortable untwisting it anymore. Close enough I guess. 


Also I ordered a red/red string with the thought that red is easier to see while aiming in low light while hunting. I didn’t take into consideration that the serving would be black, so I’m looking at black serving against a black bow. Is it possible to also choose the color of the serving?


These two issues aside, the string seems great after just a few arrows down range. So far so good


Got my fast flight string in the mail after what feelt like a eternerty! But if you order from sweden you can expect some mail time. Got i surprise when open package, a handwritten note from Kramer himself and bowstring wax for free 🥳. Put it on my black hunter recurve and it shoot smother,faster and more silent with than original string. Thank for great videos and exelent strings

The fit and quality were spot on and I loved the sealed package.

It's a quality string. I really liked the  fur silencers and that it came pre waxed.

Excellent workmanship and met my 1/2" added length that I requested.  The yellow/black string looks great on my all black bow.



Really well made and comfortable, easy to adjust, covers a good portion of my arm.



It’s simple, a simple bow quiver, but the quality is excellent

Order was filled very fast.  Great quality on strings and quiver


Love the new string everything I was hoping for great work!! Seriously would recommend to everyone that loves bows

I bought a used 40# Black Hunter that had the original D-97. It looked okay but had had several misfired arrows and I was apprehensive about using the bow. To me, the stock string was just a little too small in diameter. Thus, the nocks on my Easton Legacy arrows were not fitting snuggly on the string.


As soon as the string was deliver I had to get to work. The red and black string looks fantastic. Oh, when they say this string is pre-waxed, it is waxed better than I do myself. I twisted Beaver Balls on the Shatterproof D-97, set the brace height and string nock.


The rain showers stopped. I couldn't resist. The first shot was astonishing. Everything just felt the way I expected from the Black Hunter. Yes, the Shatterproof D-97 is a big upgrade from the original string. Next, I will order a B-55 from Shatterproof for my 1962 Bear Kodiak Special. For the cost of their strings, I can't go wrong! Thumbs Up!!!!

Quick shipping! Great string

Fast turnaround, got my string quickly.


The quality of the string was spot on as usual. What surprised me was how different the Fast Flight was from d97. I will only use this type of string on this bow from now on.

They deliver what they promise when they promise. Stay shatterproof

The string is perfect , installed it on my longbow and with about 12 twists the brace height was spot on . Large area served for nock points. Looks great and well made . I am ordering another Shatterproof for another recurve .

Easy to work with and quick shipping

Very nice bamboo slat for bow facing. Sanded flat on back side almost no prep needed before glue.

Was impressed that it was actually a few inches longer than advertised.

Always high quality bow strings whenever I purchase from here, the tillering gizmo has also made a huge difference in my tillering ability.

Bright orange , easy to find. Does not stretch as much as the tillering string I was using. Fast delivery.

I actually have not used it to make a bow string yet, but I'm sure it will work just fine. Very good service and prompt delivery.

works well

good wax with many more uses than just for bow string

Using Kramer's tips to measure bow string, this fits the bow I made perfectly. Holds and releases the arrow well, and seems to feel smooth when shooting. Excellent turn around time. He got my string made and sent to me within the week that I ordered it.

Kramer has some good products for sale, and when I ordered form Shatterproof, my order was filled promptly. I am quite happy with all of the products I ordered.

The bows string is well made shoots fast and quiet.

Great looking leather products built to last.

Everyrhing was perfect! The bowstring was the perfect length, it was clearly marked which loop belonged on top (which was very helpful), and the best part for me was discovering the length of the serving...it was so much longer than the one on the bowstring that came with my Spyder XL recurve. I was a bit nervous about that point because the serving string unraveled on my first because it wasn't long enough. I shoot with three fingers under and my last finger rested where the serving ended. Not so with this one! Kramer 

and co knocked it out of the park! They know archery and have purposefully and masterfully crafted their products.

fits great and is way more comfortable than other leather guards I've had or tired.

Love the videos and couldn't think of a better way to support Shatterproof than buying the string for my first hand made bow from them.

It’s very comfortable and easy to use. Definitely glad I got it.

It was exactly the colors I wanted, and the length was perfect. It stretched a bit after installing (expected) and shoots wonderfully


It was just what I wanted and helped me finish my first bow.


Always fast and product is great.


Very well made a vast improvement over my previous tabs

The string is quality.  Customer service is top notch and shipping is really fast.




Great product. Outstanding customer service. Very happy with everything I've ever used. Keep up the good work!

Fits like a glove on my Crow Creek Black Feather reflex deflex long bow.  Customer service was beyond excellent. Thanks guys


Both bow string and stringer fit my bow perfectly great quality

The string fit my bow perfectly great quality

Great info, excellent product.

I loved the products I received, fast shipping.  Thank you also for the great videos you offer on You Tube ... during the last few months they have coincided well with my bow building learning curve!!

Ordered a string for my recurve and the Shatterproof team confirmed specs and delivered a high quality string for my vintage Browning Cobra II recurve. It shoots well and it's quiet.

Very thin keeps the Arrow closer to center of the Bow.

Works great my favorite Quiver now for backyard and Club shooting. Would like to see it in Natural Leather Color.

Fair to say one of the best bowstrings ive used. Will be buying another for each of my bows.

Thank you shatter proof

Right out of the box the leather was supple and gave the precise feeling of a shooting glove . Feels more comfortable than my AAE Elite tab that this replaces


The feel and the fit...wished I had a couple more of them!

Arrived alot sooner than expected...

I bought another bow and I'm ready to buy another ShatterProof string!

quality workmanship. i will be ordering more.

keep up the great work

Gorgeous! Couldn't be more pleased. An excellent addition to my tradbow.


I was happy to find a string in the length I wanted from the reclaimed ones.  And the Bamboo that I ordered looks great with node spacing right where it needs to be. It shows that ShatterProof takes time to provide a quality product . Go ahead and search the Net for a better price on Bamboo backing and you won't find it. Quality product, better price. That's shatterproof.

Wasn't really sure switching bowstrings would make a difference but it definitely does! Quality from the manufacturer string to yours is completely noticable! Highly recommended

Great for a first bow build.

These long lasting durable stings help me get the most out of my 50#.

Great service, fast response to questions I had, will definitely use again soon

The bow string is awesome.  Much better quality than others I've ordered online.  Aside from great products, Kramer has been extremely helpful.  Great products + great customer service = WIN!

The craftsmanship and performance.  I really enjoy working with Shatterproof Archery, they always deliver and the videos are informative and entertaining.

The ease of use.  Very user friendly, even a non-tech guy like me can navigate it and find what I need.

The ease of ordering products, and quick shipping.  Also, the response to question is quick and clear. Im a customer for life!!

The best customer support I have ever experienced.

Shatterproof produces the best strings, extremely well made

This is the highest quality bowstring I've ever had. It's 18 strands like I asked and the serving was shorter as well. Kramer and his company are excellent and I will be giving them my service for years to come. This was for my 21st birthday and the highlight of it when I got to tinker on my bow to set it up.

Just what I needed.  The 550 cord worked but THIS tillering string is SHATTER PROOF baby! The custom sting is also just right. Thanks guys.  Stay SP!

What's not to like! Beautiful custom   colors, perfect size and arrived two days a head of schedule,  WINNING! Thanks against SP crew.


Very well crafted! And love the feel!

Will definitely be ordering again!

Very smooth upon release and a much better string than I had received with my horsebow. Came with a very generous amount of wax which is also great, dimensions are exact and perfect. Thank you Shatterproof!


Great adjustability and super comfortable

The string looks great and I do appreciate the string silencers being added in for me.


Really nice T-shirt and arrived really quickly as well. Thanks!!!

It's beautifully made, makes stringing a bow a pleasure.

Fab products and service, really nice people. Pleasure to do business with, very  helpful.

String is top quality


This was the best quality bow string i’ve used on my recurve. I am trying trad after 20 years with a compound. The customer service from the team at Shatterproof was second to none. They worked with me until I had the perfect string. I could not recommend them anymore, buy your strings here you will not be sorry.

Beautiful on my tomohawk kriska

The Shatterproof Archery Trucker Hat (Dark Gray) is sharp in appearance, robust in construction, and a comfortable way to advertise for this awesome company, Shatterproof Archery!

These Beaver Fur String Silencers are durable, look beautiful, and perform excellently.


For a performance test, I shot my bow (vintage recurve [41# @ 28"]) using a bowstring without the silencers, and then one with (both were flemish twist B-55). The difference was astounding! The string was muffled significantly, and my shots felt slightly smoother. The reduction in FPS was slightly noticeable, but a bargain trade for the muffled sound produced. Despite my pair even being a bit short, they still performed excellently for me.


I found the method of installation as shown in the product videos to be tricky; however, the finished result is a solidly secured silencer that will never move unless desired.


After several occasions shooting with these silencers, they are holding up well. I am satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend these silencers!

Ordered this D97 flemish twist bow string to replace my old endless loop string for my old one piece recurve. Went to shoot and I was amazed at how much quieter it was and how much it reduced the vibration of the bow, just by changing the string. With the beaver string silencers, this bow will be no louder than a whisper. Thank you fine folks at shatterproof archery!


My order came quickly and seems to be good quality.

My order came quick and looks to be good quality, haven't had a chance to use it yet.

Everything has come quickly and is good quality.  No issues.




These are well made. Good, thick leather. Comfortable and protective. Outstanding customer service.

Fit bow perfect, shipped fast over holiday weekend!

This split finger tab is made well, and performs amazing!  I would highly recommend it.

For an arm guard built with such quality I would've expected to pay double what I actually paid.  The guard is thick, built well, and made of quality materials.   I really enjoy using it while I shoot.

Bought for my wife's bow and she loves it. Adds a much more personal feel to the bow as well as a better feel shooting as well.

Protects arm perfectly and isn’t too stiff to bend around arm.

Perfect string for my selfbow. Shooting great now

I ordered a b55 bowstring with custom colors , came exactly how I ordered it , fits great , shoots great and very quiet. Came 3 days early and is a very nice touch on my vintage bear recurve. Nice work!


Top notch customer service!  Goes above and beyond to make sure you get the right string for your bow!


It does its job and I like Kramer's videos

They have what I need and I like Kramer's videos


They filled my order promptly and got it to me fast.  Great quality in all products I ordered.

Excellent quality string exceeds my expectation.  Quick shipping as well.



Ordered my fast flight with fur silencers added!... Super quiet!... Definitely attention to detail was payed!... Absolutely love the custom string and colors!... I have to say this is top quality work and am about to order the limb strap-on arrow holders!!!... Love the personal attention given on last order... This will be the go to place!!... 🏹🇺🇸

Love the smell and feel of the leather. works wonderfully.

Fits very well. Nice leatherwork!

Good quality. The bow shoots quieter with it. Unfortunately, the string is torn after a good 200 shots at the shoulder cam.

The shoulder cam was probably still too sharp...


Great customer service, very nice bow string too.


The friendly people and the helpful videos. The videos inspired me to get back into wood working.

I received my order quickly and that was great the arm guard is very nice looking fits well and stays put. The hip quiver is made from nice leather but for me seems a little shallow leaving the arrows floppy and easy to fall out I’m still working with it. The split finger tab is a very nice piece of leather but this is first time really trying to use a tab I’m a Damascus style glove shooter and the tab has been tough to get use to. I’m still trying ! All that said I will make great use of all of these items because I regularly teach archery to others and somebody always finds  a favorite of the gear I have. I have enjoyed your videos especially the how to’s you are very generous with your information keep them coming sometime in the future I will get the new glove you just started producing that looks awesome! Take care and great shooting to you and your crew.

well made love the craftsmanship customer service is great

The length of this string was perfect. High quality with very good serving. I have taken at least 500 shots and the serving does not show any sign of wear. Thank you guys at Shatterproof for producing quality products. My next purchase will hopefully be one of those sweet reflex deflex bows!

I love my new bow string. 50+ year old bow shooting great now thanks to Kramer! Definitely going to be ordering more soon.

High quality products,fast shipping

I ordered a Bowstring for my first ever self bow. It delivered quickly, was packed well and is great quality! Thanks! (and thanks for all the video tutorials too!)


I received it quicker than I expected.

Love it, was exactly what I needed.

Opening the bow I was greated with a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Finding the string and then using the previously purchased bow stringer. I headed to my backyard archery lane. Then I watched a video on how to install the calf hair arrow rest. That was conviently on the site. Gaining confidence. I did that little pre-stretch before you draw and then procedded to fling some arrows trying different types and settling on a set that worked well giving me a group that was at 4" once I got the aim point down. I'll be showing this bow off to others. It is a real gem.


Quick, accurate, quality hand made strings.  Perfect. Bright colors love it.     

Thank you Kramer for all the YouTube videos could not built these bow without you.

Very happy with the the tab 

I may never go back to a glove

This string along with the other all came well pre-waxed and i've not had to deal with stretching over time. They've all helped up really well so far after a couple hundred hours of use. Really lovely customer service as well.


I got my string in time for a few extra days of practice.  Thanks for the quick response and quality string.  I have never had one quite so well made.  Keep it up, lotsa wax is your trademark.


Beautiful craftsmanship lead to a quality custom string!.. Thank you!



Your guys quality is Superb! My B55 string is such an upgrade from the string that came with my bow. Wax is awesome and I love the hat! Thank you guys so much! Definitely be buying from you guys again. Love your vids as well.✌️

Fast, durable string. Transformed my shooting experience. This is the 4th time I've ordered from Shatterproof

Every item is of the highest quality and very resonably priced.

Thank you Kramer


Livermore, CA








Being new to archery, I was happy to find these guys videos online and after getting some product from them, I can’t wait to get more.  Seems perfect for traditional archery.

Looks works great, easy install.

Great quality! Use it almost every day.

Looks and functions great!

Order arrived in only a few days!  Everyone loves that!

These are quality, hand-made products. I couldn’t be happier eith thrm!

Simple and easy to install.


I like the fact that the product that I ordered came as fast as it did and what I got was very well made I'm extremely happy and I recommend everyone buy from them

Great quality on the field quiver.....every person who sees it asks about it! You guys are the best!

I'm in France, I received the bow, but I didn't find the string and the calf hair, I suspect custom lost it. The bow is beautiful. As soon as I have a string, I will test it. Confirm did not find the string and calf hair.

Very high quality and attention to detail. The comfort of the hip quiver  as well as the arm guard is unmatched!!

A simple design that is perfect every time! Great leather used and east to store.

The shop was out of leather for the order, but we’re quick to inform me and it was only an added day to the we delivery. Worth the wait!

Thank you guys!


I've been very happy with the new bow string from Shatterproof. The original string that came wit my bow wasn't as 'snappy'. These ( I bought two) are just nicer to use! I will be buying more from here, when the need arises. Very well made, and elastically pleasing to look at , as well!

Keep up the good work!

Great fit and quality.

Really love this glove. Great quality and feels perfect!

I've ordered strings and accessories from Shatterproof, and all of it was quality product. Definite recommend.

I love the custom look and feel.



Feels great

It did everything as described and I received it quickly also I loved the wax seal on the package

Love that a Bowyer/archery accessories maker is so near me in Colorado and I am in South Dakota. The Strings are so good I would not care where made but being close is the bonus.

Quality and fit perfect!

Great quality, fun to shoot. The only issue I've had was the calf hair arrow rest wore out, (I've always had this issue with arrow rests). Everything else about the bow is great. I recommend buying if you're looking for a quality product from a small business.

I've bought multiple items from Shatterproof, 3 strings , arm guards, tabs, silencers and clothing. I like to support small business so that's one of my reasons for multiple purchases. The great quality of the products also makes you want to buy again.

It was the best bowstring I’ve ever used. It was nice to have a video explaining the differences between string materials and how they would affect the overall setup.

The strings were beautiful.  The silencers certainly do their job.


Put it on my recurve bow Works flawlessly thank you and God bless

I like that the string was pre-scratched put it on My recurve performs excellent thank you and God bless

Call them and ask them some questions they were very helpful and took their time to help me out thank you and God bless

Well made, fits pretty well on my XL+ hands, seems like it will age well.


Fast shipping,  bow string was perfect.   Overall awesome experience

Bamboo was in great shape. Love all theor products. Great company and even better people.

Beautiful product can't wait to see it on a bow.

Great people running a fantastic store.




Colors matched up perfectly. I’m getting decent speed out of my early 70’s Bear Super Kodiak and it’s almost dead silent with the optional string silencers! Highly recommend

I was using a cabinet scraper and pencil to check the curve of the limbs, and that worked okay, but the Gizmo marks areas on the limbs that I didn’t notice when eyeballing it. It helps me fine tune the limbs so they bend evenly.

Great quality and was delivered faster than expected. I also appreciate the video on how to choose the right type and length of bow string!

The glove is awesome! But it is slightly too snug in my hand. Would be 5 stars if the strap was a little longer with one more adjustment hole. Tough to close my fist with it on. But it’s still useable and hoping  it will stretch over time.

Comfortable glove with a high quality thin leather on the fingers.

Ordered a string and a truckers hat. Happy with them both. String really seems awesome and shoots great.


The leather works are very high end. It's not like other products that feel like stiff cardboard until you break it in with years of use. This feels very durable and soft. I will be purchasing more from this company.

I bought new bow strings for my daughters' bows and everything was processed and delivered sooner than expected

Good delivery time and good products at good prices.

A serving that fits my nocks.

not having to bite my nocks to get them to fit the serving



High quality, very well made.

High quality materials that should last for a long time at a great price!

I loved how I found a passionate, high quality, creator of exactly what i needed.

Everything was of great quality and received my order quickly. I really love to support something that pride was taken into account…Kramer seems like a great person and love his creativity and has inspired me.. thanks!


Measurements are spot on, hopefully I can harvest a moose with my bow now.

I have been impressed with the quality of strings and prep which saves me time. This is a great little shop with a lot to offer!



I'm so happy with Kramer and his team! I built a red oak board bow after watching his YouTube  programs. (That content is superb, by the way!) I wanted a 66" B55 string for it, so I ordered from Shatterproof just as they recommended. Wow! Top quality and received within days! So many extra services in communications and packaging. A really nice "touch" was the wax seal they put on the envelope. Buy from this new business. You won't be sorry. They really are "here for you."

Fast service and a VERY nice bow string.

The string was very good quality and fit my bow perfectly! I've had issues with strings in the past but this one looks and feels very high quality. Also it looks awesome

Well made strings at an affordable price. Quick shipping too! Highly recommend.

Great product! Made very durable and shipping was fast! Highly recommend!

Product was delivered fast and installed hassle free

Easy to order, came in 2 days, and perfect fitment

Awesome quality

Website is easy to navigate and checkout process is simple . Customer service is top notch


Love the channel! And it came all wrapped up perfectly and fully covered with wax. In the process of building a bow and can’t wait to shoot with it!

Well made, great looking and good price!

This is my 3 rd B55 bow string from Shatterproof Archery, the length is always spot on, they add so much style to my self bows and the performance is just amazing, very fun to shoot. Customer service is great and items always arrive fast… what more can you ask ?! …. Thanks very much Kramer and the team for inspiring me to make my own bows, I wouldn’t have done it without your expert guidance, but I can’t seem to stop now !!!😉

Good bowstring. It was nice and waxed when it arrived and it came earlier then expected!

This is my first armgard. The quality is very nice. I love the color and quality of the leather. It is very soft on the arms and tough against bowlash. I would love it even more if it had elesric straps or leather straps as apposed to the elastic cord. But the cord is functioanlly perfect and easty to adjust. The gard goes perfectly with the globe I also purchased.

I love this glove. My first archery glove in fact. The quality is superb. The leather is of very high quality and very soft. Yet the bowstring glides off the fingers with ease. I shoot split finger. But the nice thing about the glove is I can experiment with 3 under too. I really like the simple adjustable strap design too. I have largeish hands compared to most women so I got a large glove. My finger do not fill all the way in as they are not that long. But the little bit of extra space and leather do not get in the way. It is very comfortable to wear for extended periods. And it is defenitely saving my fingers from certain disaster. I tried shooting without the glove and my figers hurt for days. Won't do that again.

Fast shipping, answered all my questions rapidly and great product


Great workmanship


Great quality and fast service

When My package arrived, it was slightly damaged, the box being bent and partially open at one end. After opening it however, the products were in great condition, nothing being harmed. (Obviously, these things are ShatterProof!!) Since I live in Canada, the rough package handling I attribute to CanadaPost (delivery service), as they are a slow and sloppy with the products they are supposed to deliver. Also, all the American who bought from this website said that the shipping was great, so I would never blame this on shatterproof archery. (However I would recommend that shatterproof take this in mind when packing for Canadian buyers. Prepare for the abuse you can't help) But Canadian buyers beware, their will be a extra amount you have to pay because it goes through the border, for my $200 order it was $17. Also once you complete your cart, and add on the shipping, then you can convert that amount to Canadian dollars to get the real price. It is complicated if you live in Canada. But it is worth it!!!! There is no other place to get these amazing products anyway, not even from Amazon. Thank you shatterproof!!! Thank you!!!

When My package arrived, it was slightly damaged, the box being bent and partially open at one end. After opening it however, the products were in great condition, nothing being harmed. (Obviously, these things are ShatterProof!!) Since I live in Canada, the rough package handling I attribute to CanadaPost (delivery service), as they are a slow and sloppy with the products they are supposed to deliver. Also, all the American who bought from this website said that the shipping was great, so I would never blame this on shatterproof archery. (However I would recommend that shatterproof take this in mind when packing for Canadian buyers. Prepare for the abuse you can't help) But Canadian buyers beware, their will be a extra amount you have to pay because it goes through the border, for my $200 order it was $17. Also once you complete your cart, and add on the shipping, then you can convert that amount to Canadian dollars to get the real price. It is complicated if you live in Canada. But it is worth it!!!! There is no other place to get these amazing products anyway, not even from Amazon. ShatterProof also had amazingly fast answers to my questions which there were a lot of. Thank you shatterproof!!! Thank you!!!

When My package arrived, it was slightly damaged, the box being bent and partially open at one end. After opening it however, the products were in great condition, nothing being harmed. (Obviously, these things are ShatterProof!!) Since I live in Canada, the rough package handling I attribute to CanadaPost (delivery service), as they are a slow and sloppy with the products they are supposed to deliver. Also, all the American who bought from this website said that the shipping was great, so I would never blame this on shatterproof archery. (However I would recommend that shatterproof take this in mind when packing for Canadian buyers. Prepare for the abuse you can't help) But Canadian buyers beware, their will be a extra amount you have to pay because it goes through the border, for my $200 order it was $17. Also once you complete your cart, and add on the shipping, then you can convert that amount to Canadian dollars to get the real price. It is complicated if you live in Canada. But it is worth it!!!! There is no other place to get these amazing products anyway, not even from Amazon. ShatterProof also had amazingly fast answers to my questions which there were a lot of. Thank you shatterproof!!! Thank you!!!

I love this Product!!

I bought strings from big name shops  not even close to quality u get from shatter proof love your strings !! Love your videos !  Also on my second bow build it’s almost done Turing out awesome !! Thanks for your videos it gives me something to keep me busy and having so much fun ! 

            Thanks Mike

Only string ive been using really low stretch recommend 10/10

Great glove, the fit, color, and feel. The strap is well thought out and texture of the leather is awesome. Wish I could find full work gloves just like these.

I have ordered several items at this point and have been very happy with the service. Timley shipping and all items well made and as described.

I ordered 3 different strings and they are great! Everyone who the strings want to get one.

Thee staff were very patient with me when screwed up my order. Thank you.

I’ll be ordering a black red string for my nieces bow.

Bamboo slats arrived in perfect condition. Can't wait to get a bow roughed out to use them.

Everything arrived in perfect condition, can't wait to finish my string jig so I can make my first string.

Everything arrived in perfect condition, can't wait to get my string jig finished so I can start making strings.



I love the B55 strings they’re smooth and quite on my self bows and vintage Bear bows!

Silencers work great and tone down the snap of the string against  the limbs.

Added some beaver to my string. Works well.


Delivery was as promised.  String fits perfectly. I am a new customer.  Thanks to you.

Top quality!!

The bow shoots great and looks great! Great bow for the money!!! Thank you Kramer for everything you do for the community and for producing such amazing products!!! Would 1000% buy again!

It provides comfort in drawing the bow while maintaining yeet power

First of all great customer service. My emailed questions were answered promptly  2nd is fast turnaround time of orders. These guys are my go to archery vender.

The b55 bow string material is great!


Exactly what I asked for and was expecting. Already shot roughly 100 arrows with it with no issues in sight! Thanks Kramer!


String frayed within days,

Limb silencer pealed off first day

String silencers were over sized

Will never buy from here again.


Watched hunting video on YouTube. Lost all credibility at that point


Fast delivery and quality product. Love your videos. New to recurve shooting and am having fun with it.

Order came on time, product is great quality and looks awesome! Thank you Shatterproof!

I loved the customer service help, and all the videos on YouTube, my string looks awesome on my bow and shoots like a dream!


Item was EXACTLY as described and clearly just beautifully made. Shipped extremely fast and what a good deal!


Love I could pick my colors and it came out great. Already been hunted with.


The string is great. I actually switched out my TTT string for this one. I'll definitely be buying from here again. Thanks guys. I've been involved in archery for 47 years so I've seen some things

Product fit to size and the service was great!

Hat is awesome. One size fits all is 100% accurate for this product

Easy to access and get help when needed

The tab is well made

Your strings are always the best. However I asked for silencers to be added and they were not. I was disappointed.

Came fast and fit awesome!

I'm not sure how to review a string. As far as I can tell, it does as its supposed to. I just think they make great products

What's not to like about thoughtful, well crafted accessories from a small American business? Checks all my boxes.

As always a well built string with minimal stretch! And I thought my new RD BONES needed a matching yellow and black string. On a side note , I own a couple of other custom longbows which cost twice as much or more than the RD  BONES and this bow hangs with them all!


Fast service. String was just what I had in mind.


Works great . Fast delivery. Highly recommend.


Everything was right on time and just as described or better :)

This string blew my mind! Literally changed how my bow shot in the best possible way! My arrows have way more snap to them now. In comparison to my previous string, it’s a complete game changer. Plus the fact that they are handmade per order and come HELLA waxed. Definitely won’t be buying my string anywhere else.

I like how easy you guys make it for installing. It takes a lot of the guess work out.

I love how well the arm guard is constructed. It works well to keep hunting shirts out of the way as well as protecting your arm during those long practical sessions.

These gloves are the best archery gloves I have ever used. Great construction and they even will work over my fingerless wool gloves from FirstLite.

I ordered the chrome tanned split finger tab. Within my first shooting session it became my favorite tab. I really like the squared design for some reason. Of course, I ordered some swag at the same time, the Shatterproof truckers hat. Fit and finish of both products are great. I've been a big fan of Kramer's YouTube channel for a couple years and will continue supporting their business. Great folks, great products. I'll likely be buying some new strings from them soon. I highly recommend doing business with Shatterproof Archery.




Customer service was phenomenal, bowstring came out great was the measurement i wanted and the colors were great. Beaver ball installation looks amazing. Have yet to shiot it because of life getting busy but have done some dry drills and so far feels great and no fraying.

The bamboo slats look good. They were well packaged in a heavy tube and received quickly.



Fast shipping quality products. Will be ordering again from Shatterproof Archery.

Great selection of Trad archery products.

It is light, quickly maneuverable, quiet, and very handsome. I have already hunted feral hogs here in Texas with it. (Sadly, unsuccessful so far.)

Get one of these as soon as you can; it will become your favorite very quickly.

Quality and the classy packaging to boot

Recently got in to archery and have been looking for as much info as possible. I discovered the youtube channel and then the Shatterproof archery shop. The quality of the items I purchased is excellent. I'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge, and kit thanks to your shop.

I bought the silencers and the RD Bones had Kramer install said silencers and am loving it!

I Love my RD Bones, fast!, and smooth. Like butta. What a beautiful piece of art, light like a feather.

Very comfortable glove, super soft leather. High quality piece of equipment.

Great traditional archery products..everything I purchased either meets or exceeds my expectations :) Thank you and I will definitely buy again

Really well made string. settled in after a few dozen shots and only a couple of twists.  still at the within 1/16th" on brace height after two weeks.

quality products at a great price.


I owe it all to the videos that shatterproof makes for giving me the knowledge to make my first bow and I owe it to the string for making my bow work so well. I cannot recommend this company enough, I love to support a company that cares so much for their customers and about their product. I cannot wait to make another bow and buy another string! Also I got a hat and love it!

I owe it to the videos shatter proof makes for giving me the knowledge to make my first long bow and to their bow string for making it shoot so well. I cannot recommend this company enough, and love to support a company that cares for their customers so much and for their product. I cannot wait to make another bow and buy another string!


Thanks for the well made strings. I also appreciate the quick delivery. I’ll order all my strings from you.

This is the second bow I've put the calf hair rest on, and I'm very happy with it. The hair is directional, and is very durable. The first bow that I put it on is showing some wear, after several hundred arrows down range. I am impressed with how it has stood up to wear. 


If there is any fault, it would be that the shelf on the second bow is a little larger than the piece sent to me. The first bow I have it on is a 'Lightning Ghost", which the shelf is a little smaller than the shelf piece. The second bow is a Bear Kodiak Magnum (which was my dad's old bow) and that again, has a bigger shelf. It still works fine.

Bought and installed on my Dad's old (1969) Bear Kodiak Magnum. After discussing my concerns over returning the old bow to service, the suggestion was made to get a sting an inch longer, and twist it shorter after some use. I now have it at it's correct length, and it is back to it's old performance. Great bow string, and great guys to do business with! Thanks for all your help, and suggestions!

I've been very happy with the products, and help I've received from Shatterproof Archery! Quick response to emails, and quality equipment! Thank You!!

Changed the pitch(sound) of the shot a little which I like and shooting with just bare fingers, no tab or glove, these strings feel better. I put them on 16, 25, 50 and 60 lb bows all of which feel great.

String complemented my bow perfectly.  Fantastic product and service.


I liked that It nicely made. That they added bow silencers on my string for me, which really dampen the noise. I highly recommend this company, I had problems with my brace height and they worked with me on solving the problem.

Way better string than what came on my bow and has definitely made me happier when shooting. The wax sealed envelope is icing on the cake. Who doesn't feel fancy when breaking a wax seal

Good strong tillering string. Just getting started messing around making a bow. Package came with a cool wax seal. Very posh.

Shipped quickly. Arrived as expected.

that it fit perfectly


Prompt delivery and quality stuff!

I purchased a pre-made string for an Osage Self bow I've been working on for a long time. I added a silencer and arrow rest. 


Everything came in perfectly packaged, I especially loved the wax seal on the envelope, classy!!! 


Kramer is a pleasure to work with and his products are top quality.

Great fit, great look and awesome product!!!

Looks good, feel good and shoots even better.

Looks good, feel good and shoots even better.

All of the above, just a great product, getting ready order one more FF 64”

delivered fast and looks good.

I have made my own red oak bow thanks to Kramer. Now I'm making a recurve from a oak stave I harvested along with some bamboo backing I harvest. The first bow I purchased was a SAS Gravity 64" #35. I grabbed a custom Kramer string for it, and I just put it on. The thing shoots tighter and more accurate than before. I'm going to have to check what # it's pulling at but wow it feels like it's #40 now (in a good way). it's truly breathed new life into that bow compared to the factory strings. Amazing work.




This string is high quality and makes the bow so much nicer and more comfortable to shoot.  The shots are noticeably faster than my old string and the long serving section is great.  The customer service is fantastic as well, I had sent an email to their contact address asking for some advice and received a response within a couple hours.  I followed the advice and am happy I did.  The order was in USPS possession the next day and I received it 4 days after placing the order.  That's incredibly fast for a hand made, made to order product.  I highly recommend and will check here first for any archery product I am looking for.  Thank you!!

This does exactly what it supposed to, the bow is much quieter now.  They are plenty long enough to cover the entire string contact area and they are very soft to the touch.  Highly recommend!

These are plenty big enough to cover any arrow shelf.  After some slight trimming to fit my bow the draw is completely silent.  They are very soft and stick really well.  Very pleased!


Is pure craftsmanship it’s quality definitely worth the price, I really enjoy my bowstring

Exactly what I wanted and top notch superb quality and performance.

Seems like a good product, but I do have a question.  I measured my bow as directed on the Youtube video, (it's not a recurve, so I subtracted 3" from nock to nock).  The bow is homemade and the pull seems harder than I expected and I'm wondering if I got too short of a bow string?

I've been using a low cost bow for about a month now. I decided to get one of Shatterproof Archery's strings to see if it made a difference. It really does. It's very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The choice of colors adds a nice personal touch and to be honest the wax sealed envelope the string  was sent in was worth the money alone! Nice touch!

Got my string shipped to me fast. Works good on my bow. Thanks guys keep up the good work. Will definitely be ordering more in the future for other bows

This bow string was of excellent construction and I will order again in the future.

Fit up was perfect and shoot’s perfect

Perfect sizing shoots amazing. Great job thank you

String prestretched

AMAZING CRAFTSMANSHIP and Awesome customer service!!!

Thank you Kramer and Kaz! You’re an inspiration to budding bowers. Your videos are great and the tillering string from you guys is perfect. First bow done and already planning the next. Best of luck to you both!

It fit perfect from the get go. Very easy to put on, and protect from them painful string strikes! Good quality!!!!

Probably the best bowstring I've ever bought. And the first one i bought actually fit my bow. The owner was quick to answer a few questions i had before ordering and the string was made/ shipped fast. I will be shopping here again.

The owner was eager to please and the product was excellent. Fast shipping too.

I know I'll like making bows, and


From Canada  still received in timely matter ! Impressive quality strings ! Thankyou

Awesome service and impressive quality thankyou

I ordered this to save time as building one was not in my schedule. Probably got a lemon as this one was off in the drilled hole and the nut was not set properly. Finally gor it somewhat fixed and it is usable. Disappointing...

Everything it was perfect

The product is amazing will be purchasing more. I initially ordered the wrong length but they were super helpful and corrected my order by contacting them by email. The package arrived sealed and fast. Thanks

This string shipped quickly and was exactly as expected. I also really like all the informative YouTube videos. Great product!

Some of the best quality good looking strings around!!! Awesome customer service too!!!

beautiful look, perfect fit,and function, fast service. I now have these on a couple of bows.

I love these strings !

Easy ordering, excellent quality, and fast shipping.





Quick and honest


Great products great people. Appreciate the how to videos on building bows


The string fit very well and was quite.   The bow shoots way faster now.  I had to move down in spine to 340 full lengths.   Like a fast dart.  Thank you

You guys literally,,, have the best strings around... I'm so glad I came across your youtube videos.

the time it took to get to me was amazing it was fast and right to me

great strings that fit my shooting style

I have always had issue with matching a string to my Uukha limbs. No more. Provided my string measurement and my string arrived fast with a perfect fit and same brace height right out of the bag. One piece of advice on ordering: tell them your preferred nock type in the comments so they can match the serving. My nocks were a bit tight  but a quick reserve of the string with .018 and all is good. Thanks!


Looks great! Made my old Kodiak shoot SUPER SMOOTH!! very quiet now as well.


Quality made. I ordered a glove and the leather arm band for my husband for Christmas. The company definitely takes pride in their work and pays attention to details.

looks good on the finished bow

works well on my bamboo backed hickory bow

I actually have very large hands, as in XXXL gloves do not fit. That being said I asked if the could build a “Sasquatch” tab. They did and it’s the best thing that’s happened in my trad archery experience. Thank you guys for going above and beyond.

I was surprised at how fast I got it. You can tell just by the look and feel of the bow string that it’s great quality. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong size. I will definitely be ordering the correct size soon!

Very well made string. Best B55 string I've ever owned, and I've been shooting for 50yrs.


I love hand crafted items, as they are always made with care !   Your bow strings are no exception, in fact I shot my bow the other day and it was like having a new bow…you really know what you are doing !


I've only taken it out once so far but I've been shooting a 55lb recurve just fine with the glove. Super comfortable

Super high quality and the orange and green color combo really adds to the esthetics of my Black Hunter. Great service and products, will use again for my future needs. Thanks guys!


Exactly what I ordered and very quick



Very good quality. Protects the fingers and is comfortable. I like how easy it is to trim to fit.


This string is excellent!  Quality is great and the turn around time was very fast. They have earned my business.

Hand crafted quality and a beautiful bow string. Very well pleased and will use Shatterproof Archery  for my future needs. Thank You!

Just got these in the mail

Feel go nice and light, the stitching is done well.

Can't wait to shoot with it.

The D-97 sting is perfect for my bow. I also have the bow string wax that I use regularly and it is also a great product.







I didn’t initially know what bowstring I needed, Ammons comprehensive videos gave me the info I needed to make the “right” pick for me. 


Wow! Excellent string, for starters… it came super prestretched, I’ve shot a bunch and haven’t found a difference in brace height. String is smooth, easier to pull than what I had, and is MEGA QUIET. I can’t believe my bow is this quiet, it’s never been so even with silencers. Thumbs up!

It fit according to the video 10/10

All of it was nicely packaged and well made, this is a great company to order from! Very helpful group of men!


Great company!


I ordered my bowstring with silencers installed. One was partially detached when it arrived; I sent an email follow up and it was resolved within 24 hours. Great customer service.

I love the glove. The fit, build quality, and everything is top notch. Even better than the glove. I was in Colorado Springs on business and stopped in the shop. Krammer was not in, but his brother was there, and he is awesome. Spent about an hour in the shop and was laughing the whole time. If you are ever in Colorado Springs I highly recommend you stop at the shop the energy is infectious, and you can see the pride they take in their products. It was also great to hold one of the Shatterproof bows and know that it is on my list for this spring. 


Thank you for the hospitality, great videos, and awesome products.



Great product and fast shipping! I made two long bows from watching your videos and got the correct size strings from your website. Thanks for what you do!

My D97 string looks great and shoots fantastic. I'll be ordering a B55 for my vintage Ben Pearson soon..

Arrived quickly. Fit my bow. Price was fair.  Good quality.

Excellent selection of archery accessories and very nice semi-custom bows.  All prices are reasonable.  Delivery is quick.  Service is excellent.


Excellent products that work due to experience and craftsmanship

Attention to detail.

great customer service , great craft


I used their bamboo for my first Bow build and it turned out great.

As always everything from Shatter Proof was first class !!!

what an amazing bow!  I own multiple recurve, and longbows and shoot them all regularly.  The Shatterproof RD BONES is the bow I gran everytime I want to send arrows down range.  it shoots smooth, Ira comfortable, and it's easy to shoot consistently unlike other bows I own.   the attention to detail and overall quality is impeccable!   personally, I think the bow is worth more than what I paid for it.  I highly recommend purchasing.

Great service and awesome product. Will be a repeat customer!

very nice product and fast shipping will be back for more count on it thank you very much phil k.

Excellent product, nicely packaged,  delivered quickly.

I ordered two strings, 1 set of string dampeners, and a pocket quiver. The quiver was awesome quality (little jealous that I gave it to my brother in law for Christmas). The strings were great and the final stretch only took about 150 shots and was only about 5 mm decrease in brace height. They forgot to pack the string dampeners in the package, but a quick email and they were on their way and were in my hand by the time I had shot in the string and got the brace and nock height set. Kramer was super helpful and quick to respond. Highly recommend Shatterproof strings and accessories. Maybe one day I will be able write a review for a bow.... Saving my pennies.

Easy install.  Noticeably quieter on my ‘59 Kodiak.  Thanks for great products and service!

I love shooting tabs but I never had one that covered the full length of my fingers.  Also the stretchable shock cord is a great design feature.

Hi I ordered a 58" string for an AMO62 Bear 1967 Ashwood recurve bow. Turns out to be too short(from a brace height standpoint, it was 81/2"). I untwisted it a dozen turns, the brace height was right at 8" but it was so loose the beaver tail on the top end came undone. I tightened up the string a couple turns and replaced the beaver tail and it's fine now, but that is what is went through to get to where I'm at with that bow.

Sorry to be so picky but that bow was for my neighbor who has helped me(I'm disabled) well beyond what he should have.

I then bought a string for a late 1960's bear grizzly from you, AMO56, but i ordered a 53", 1" longer than normal. That is the bow in the pic. The brace height is perfect at 8".

You said I'd get $5 bucks off next purchase for a review. 

Your bow strings are awesome. Great feel.  I need to order 2 more strings. You're getting my business because your strings and your customer support is awesome. I'm hoping you'll cut me some slack on the next 2 strings.

Bought for my son as a Christmas gift and the quality is top notch!

The string is really well made, and is whisper quiet on my old grizzly recurve. Everytime I order from shatterproof they never disappoint! I am saving my pennies for a RD Bones.

I was asked if I wanted to make a pickup instead of mail saving me $25. Went above and beyond to make sure this worked out!

Kramer is a class act. The service was excellent and my bow actually arrived early.  It was packed very well and came with everything I needed to get out shooting arrows in about 15 minutes. 

I build bows myself and didn’t “need” another one, but I’ve been so impressed by Kramer over the years that I had to have one of his first bows. I’m really impressed with the craftsmanship and quality. His limb tip style is really cool, too.  It came with a really nice string, as well. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thanks a lot Kramer!!

When I first saw these bows, I was interested, because I love Osage Orange.  I have made 4 successful self-bows from Osage.  What convinced me to buy one was when I saw Kramer shoot them; how fast they were.  Also, what really sold me was the torture test he did on the RD Bones that wouldn't break when way overdrawn. I also appreciate the Story behind the wood.  I believe in Kramer and Shatterproof Archery.  He is gonna do great things!  I love his videos and he is a hard worker and good for the sport of Archery.  My bow is gorgeous (my last shot today was a kill on a small leaf from 20 yards). I am so excited to own this bow...I love it!!! It draws so sweet (zero stack) and is so smooth after release (zero handshock).  I believe this bow is worth at least 3 (possibly 4) times what I paid for it! Thanks Kramer & gang at ShatterProof Archery!💛

Haven't used it yet, it works with my new arrows.Can't wait to use it.



I received my t-shirt in a very timely manner, and it is everything I hoped it would be. I look forward to future orders with your company :)

Great strings! Fast on delivery to Il. before the Christmas crunch. Keep up the good work with your brand and videos both of you 2- brothers are amazing from your garage to now at a new facility the Colorado sky is yours. Thank You Obe Wan Ammons

I ordered the tillering string on December 19. I figured with a small business, and right before Christmas, they were likely behind, and my order would likely not be sent in the mail by them until after the 25th. However, later on the 19th I received a email saying it  already shipped! I then later received the package within the shipping time I paid for. The sting itself is one of the most quality stings I have ever seen. I fully plan to order a sting from Shatterproof Archery when I get closer to finishing my first bow build. Thanks also for your videos, I have shot bows all my life and always wanted to make them. It wasn’t until your videos that I felt like I might actually be able to do that!

Quick shipment of a quality bow string. A B55 came with my Spyder XL, didn’t make the cut. Now I have S’s D97and Fast Flight strings. Good color selection and nice workmanship. The D97 string is favored by my bow.

These guys are great. Built my first bow for my dad's 60th birthday. Needed a string and it was at my door in two days during the holiday season. Thank you, never seen my dad tear up before like he did, when I handed him that longbow. God bless, thank you.

Glove fits perfect, great materials, well made and looks cool. Very happy with purchase


Pa Archery Hunter

Great service fast delivery excellent product

When part of my order was missing, the company sent the missing item immediately.

My string was exactly as expected. I received it quickly and thought the seal on the package was a nice touch. I've already recommended Shatterproof to my shooting friends and will definitely be a lifetime customer. Great job, I really appreciate your business ethics and feel like you need credit on that front as well. Keep it up!

The product I needed at a reasonable price.

Great quality. I was looking for a glove that didn't fasten with Velcro. This is it!


I received my t-shirt in a very timely manner, and it is everything I hoped it would be. I look forward to future orders with your company :)





The archery tab felt natural and high quality leather. Set up was simple.

I need info on the loop size differences between longbow and recurve or do you make the loops the same size  . There is no option for that when ordering

Shatterproof more interested in:  best quality product; customer satisfaction over quick buck; great customer relations; best instructional videos, even though they make possible direct competition to the products they sell.  I’ll be back.

Shipping was fast and on point, have over 100 shots so far with this string and build quality is amazing!

Inherited some old recurves from my father without strings. Shatterproof strings shipped quick and get the job done. Now the wife and I have a new hobby to enjoy together! Also picked up the tillering string and gizmo to try making my own bows. Lovely high-quality products all along!

Got bow strings & arrow rest silencers for my first two self bows as well as a shooting tab.  Thanks for all your videos that got me started in bow making!

No issues with anything. All products were great

Perfect quality and fit well on bows . Shoot great!!!

I received an email back right away withba question I had.

Ordered a string and I was very pleased with the speedy service, quality of the product and unique packaging.

I will be recommending to my customers for all their traditional archery strings

My string looked great and shot great. I’ve shot about 40 shots with my self bow and the string shoots nicely.

Was using the string that came with my Bear kodiak hunter and when I switched to this string is was night and day in performance plus was able to get in a color I wanted.  Shatterproof will be my only source for new strings. thanks fellas

The product is very good. The quality as the website says and u answered to my issues. I will try to keep buying from u.

I am new to archery and I got a bowstring for a bow my father in law got me. It’s a really awesome string, it’s smooth and easy. Couple spots where it is starting to fray a bit but I just wax the string every day, it’s so far not been a problem at all.

Everything. It kept my bow quiet everything I pulled the arrow back. But now I hear it again.

Best costumer service of all time! No ifs, ands, or buts, these guys are the real deal when it comes to quality and customer service.

Everything was great from shipping straight to my door, looking forward to put this string on my new hunting rig. Thank you shatterproof and keep making great videos

Another great bow string from the Shatterproof team. Bumped my speed on my Reflex Deflex IPE bamboo bow up about 5 FPS over their B55 string.

Great Quality, great shipping time, Awsome channel. Bought a string w/ silencers and a tab. Very very nice

Perfect string. 

With the helpful videos on the site I was able to get the perfect string for my bow. Have recommended shatterproof and will buy again.

The string was beautifully made to my specific length, and it was beautifully packaged!

Well, it was easy to cut to shape and apply.  The triangle thing fit over the plunger hole okay but, because the rest on my bow (a Sage clone) is a bit large, the rug didn't  cover it all.  This is an observation not a complaint.  The rug is nice and soft and, though a bit furry, it should work.

High quality fast shipping like the help a young man out when he’s putting out such high-quality products

Color combo help quickly identify kids bows, personalized and they love it



Everything was well put together.  The items shipped quickly and extra steps were taken to make the order feel special.  Even a wax and seal envelope.  Not only was the presentation of the items above expectation but so we're the items.  Would highly recommend.


Incredibly comfortable and versatile glove for traditional archery!! The glove is well built, durable and great for using in the field! Even in colder temperatures there's enough room to use with an additional liner glove underneath. Highly recommend!!

The nut was not fully seated. The pencil hole (smaller drill) is bigger than the pencil allowing it to rock.

Ordered a couple of strings, and an arm guard. All products are excellent, and the order was shipped out super fast. Will be ordering from them again!

Great strings and fast shipping

String is working great for the Mongolian Bow and silencers on the Black Hunter work great too.

It was very comfortable I liked it alot better then the glove I bought alot smother release thanks for the great product

String fit fine.

String and silencers are looking great. Wax was the perfect amount without getting it on everything like I end up doing. Great job fellas

Great product! Fits my bows perfect! They communicate well, and extremely fast! Will order again

Well made and classic looking! Awesome product

This was my first time ordering anything from Shatterproof and was referred by a friends m. These products are top notch! I love all the items I got but mainly the new bow string…that thing is excellent! Keep making great products for all to enjoy!


Worked for my first bow I built. Unfortunately the bow didn’t. I guess I’ll start over.

Ease in ordering, fast shipping

The strings I ordered came in sooner than expected. The quality of them is excellent.

quick shipping, good quality strings.


Great quality and quick delivery

Always quality and super fast service

Great product. Order was received just as advertised.





I ordered a D97 custom string and it was the exact length I ordered and very well waxed. So far the shooting quality is better than any other string I've used. Customer support was great and I'll definitely be back should I need anything archery related.

fast service and it fit my bows perfectly 1 love the colors as well . first time I got to shoot my dads bow since he passed away 25 years ago. It was great !

They worked like a charm ! easy to put on too !


I haven’t gotten my order, or any shipping notification.

Good string. Great company

Fast delivery. Same price as big corporate shop. Bought from Shatterproof because I like and support his videos

Bow wax is great on strings and helps while building strings. I use on boot laces to help keep tied. Great American product.

I have shatterproof fast flight strings on all of my bows. Can't beat a shatterproof string.

Great videos. Very responsive on emails

Looks great and made a huge improvement from the stock string. 10 out of 10

Love the vidéo.realy well made and clear.thank's


I’ve ordered several strings and the quality is remarkably consistent as well as remarkably high.  I tried a few others and came right back never to leave again!  You guys rock!


The knowledge they have is awesome.  Helped me out a lot for a newbie.  Thanks will be shopping here again soon

Really did quite down the string.  Thanks again.

Can't wait for hunting season to come.

Easy to shop around.  Plus very knowledgeable.  And made in USA.  Thanks again and will be talking to yall soon.

Have not shot it yet, it only got here yesterday,  but I am truly pleased with it.  The shipping container had lost both end caps and the UPS driver asked me to inspect it and it was fine, but I do recommend you find a better way to attach the end caps.

I have messed up on bow string length on a couple of occasions with new bows and Shatterproof has always with out question sent me new and proper length bow strings.  They are one of the best customer service shops I have ever dealt with,  Thanks again Shatterproof Archery


Excellent customer service!!

Fantastic products!  Highly recommend. Photo of first group using new string and tab. Thanks for helping me enjoy archery.

Awesome product and customer support!

Photo of first group using new string and tab.

Great string. Had some question due to it being a vintage bow, Kazden answered all by questions for the size I needed. Brace height was perfect at 60.5” (64” bow 55#) 

Great string, lays perfectly along the groves.

Ordering another for the ‘78 black bear!

I love my new bow string and silencers. The new string is very smooth to draw. My order arrived quickly with no issues, I will definitely be ordering all of my strings from shatterproof.


I also found the video explaining the different types of string material to be extremely helpful and informative.

I made an oak bow with a fiberglass backing step by step off of your YouTube videos and it worked!

Bow string was great, and was the perfect length. Unfortunately my bow developed a small split in the fiberglass and cut the string. No fault of the string obviously, and I have since fixed the bow. Will probably have to buy a new string soon

The string was perfect. Looks great and made my shooting better IMO. Will purchase a second one for a vintage '66 Bear Grizzly in a month or so.

Design and craftmanship




The order was lost in shipping and they took care of me by getting another made and shipped very quickly.



The quality of the string was awesome. I really appreciated the whole process from ordering to delivery.  This was my first order from you and it won’t be the last.  I love that you ask for feedback and I appreciate the quality of the products and the way it was packaged. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.  Andy

I am very happy with the quality of products I received. The string is beautiful. This is my first purchase with you and it won’t be the last. I’m very pleased with the whole process. Ordering was easy and the packaging was done nicely.  I really appreciate that you ask for feedback. My string was better then expected and I’m very pleased. I will highly recommend your products to all my friends and family. Thank you so much.




Looks great, very good material! Thank you very much!

Looks great! Thank you very much!

Great workmanship!  Bowstring arrived sooner than expected, colors were exactly as specified, string came waxed and served. Quality product.

100 % satisfied

These are the only strings I use now. Excellent quality and always exactly as I order.


Another great string from Shatterproof Archery. I purchased a used bow twenty years ago and it was unpleasant to shoot. A 52 in bow at 50 pounds. I decided to give it one more chance. I purchased this string because of the dyneema or cuben fiber. They use this fiber for replacing metal winch cables. The bow shoots smooth with no stacking!!!! It is now an extremely pleasant bow to shoot. I will purchase my strings exclusively from Shatterproof Archery!



Excellent quality, my “go to” company for recurve strings.  Another great product, thank you.


Bought just a single piece but yet picked up a splinter while checking for smoothness with my fingers. Otherwise it's great.


Great quality and fits my bow perfectly.

nice string silencer ship fast


Just what I needed! The staff answered mu questions and were very helpful!





Very good product. Would recommend.




The string silencers are just what I was looking for! Good quality and the right size.





Would receive five stars, except the loops are very large, making use on a long bow difficult


Very responsive and helpful with messages. When I had placed my order I gave the wrong string length but i messaged the seller the next morning and he was still able to make the change and ship my order the same day!

Wasn't cut in even stripes and the fur falling out all over the place not going to use them

Item met expectations   Should last me awhile

Great little “add-ons” for a recurve bow, it gets a bit more quieter but nothing too major but it might have improved my bows performance. I like it!

Quality workmanship and attention to detail.  My new source.

Again, a top notch string with extremely fast shipping! Love these strings!

A very fine bow stringer tool. Exactly as advertised.

Great piece of Bamboo. No cracks anywhere and straight as an arrow. Next time I will go ahead and pay for sanding as well. Bamboo doesn't sand as easily as I thought it would

Great quality awesome colors very happy.

High quality thick leather.

10/10 very helpful great products couldn’t be happier.

Great bowstring, seller was able to accommodate my special request.

Great bowstring, came quickly and as described!

Great people over at shatterproof, they make a solid quiver! Love it. Taking it on hunts my arrows sit nicely!


Absolutely perfect. Thank you Shatterproof Archery! Second purchase of bowstrings from this shop to have backup strings for a new bow. I'll continue to trust Shatterproof Archery if/ when new bows are needing strings.  A++++


The bowstring was well made, I had to order a replacement due to my own carelessness.

Very well made and excellent customization options.

I gave up traditional archery years ago. After watching Kramer on YouTube I pulled out the bows and realized I needed new strings. I didn’t realize what good strings looked like until I got his strings. They are amazing!!! In the past I was always limited to what was in stock. Now I get exactly the colors I want. Thanks Shatterproof Archery for revitalizing my interest in trad bows. This is the second string I have purchased and I am planning to order more.


items works great and fast ship.

good seller

A very well made string.


Wonderful and real! Thank you so much!

The item is good quality.

The item was as described.

Need to install but looks to be as described but need to install when needed.

These are great, I love them


Love it!  The colors are exactly as I asked for and look amazing on my bow!!  Really fast ship too!! Thank you!

Another awesome string with super quick shipping, thank you!

Great quality. Simple and elegant like an efficient tool should be.

Thank you!


The quality of leather and stitching is very good. Easy to adjust and is comfortable to wear. Highly recommend.

Haven't used wax yet. But perfect composition, in my opinion.

Strings are absolutely amazing. Need Strings for a new bow, so I know I'm ordering them from here!

Amazing strings! No complaints. Highly recommend


Tillering Jig was exactly as described. Thanks for the useful product!

Great quality, really easy to put on. So far, they seem to be holding up very well and it did quiet up my bow some. Between these and the beaver balls on my strings, it hardly makes any noise now.

Better than the wax stick I use.

Came perfectly waxed and shooting felt more smooth. Really satisfied with Shatterproof Archery!

Service excellent du début à la fin. Je recommande ce vendeur. J’avais envoyé un complément d’informations et m’a répondu rapidement avec courtoisie et compétence. Et je suis très satisfait de l’article. 

Merci Beaucoup.


First time trying beaver balls. Good quality as far as I know. A little extra fur at first, but it clears up after messing with them. Haven't completely figured out how to attach them to my string yet, but that is definitely on my part. Will recommend.

this is great bowstring material, vibrant colors and reasonably priced.

All ways an awesome transaction


i am so happy with my order!

I used my stringer for the frist time today and it was awesome.  I highly recommend it.

Bow is significantly more silent than before and it's easy to stick on and readjust.

I love the feel of it and it fits really well, after 400 arrows in my fingers don't hurt as much.

Just got it today and it fits me well. High quality leather and high quality craftsmanship, would definitely buy from this shop again!


great product thanks a ton.

They worked well I like them!



Non so come attaccare i silenziatori alla corda del mio arco, potete aiutarmi?

Molte grazie, Roberto Baldan

Feels very comfortable. The leather is nice, and it can fit any size.

It is exactly what it claims to be.

This is a really beautiful bowstring. Pre-waxed, and fits perfectly on my bow.

Absolutely a quality made string. Looks gorgeous, shoots even more gorgeously and very quietly. Waxed very well, too. This string will probably last me a really long time; I would absolutely go to them for more business.

Arrived before my bow. Excited to put it on



I absolutely love it, I highly recommend this shop.


The bowstring arrived quickly and looks great!

thick and good quality thanks!

String shoots awesome, will be back for more, thanks so much!!

The best!, I highly recommend


Ridiculously fast turnaround on delivery for a custom piece, string is exactly as I wanted it, and shoots great!

*** *** *** *** ***

As usual, excellent product and fast shipping.  Even has a video on youtube about how to attach.

Sticks pretty well I would buy it again!

A+ thank you

my husband used this and says its all good

husband says its all good

Great buy! Looking forward to backing a bow with one.

Second time buying these for another of my bows and they’re amazing quality. Highly recommend

Great String, Great Service, Great People buy with confidence



Very good quality, very fast delivery for custom string. Put hundreds of arrow already through bow no problems to speak of. Bought this for my wife as a birthday gift and now I'm going to be getting one. Nothing like spectra, huge sound reduction when her bow is fired. Had monkey tails on the stock string. Tails not needed now. Very Impressed!

Excellent quality stringer and works like a charm, makes stringing a 71" longbow less of a chore!

Excellent quality and quickly produced.  Kramer was attentive and knowledgeable.  Sent me links for videos giving his suggestions of many of my questions.




Excellent product and excellent business!

Very nice string for my bow, above and beyond my expectations. Color combination was spot on.


This is a great handy tool if you just wanna put some arrows in your pocket and shoot a few.



fast shipping,as ordered ,good quality


Very nice liked now the glue allowed me to remove the silencer and then reposition .  Really silenced my bow well.

Neat Tool. I look forward to using it!

Best bamboo backing I've ever ordered. However I did see a chunk removed from one node on the back.

Great product and customer service. Thank you.

The string was made with care and arrived very quickly. It was as expected and very well done. I will be recommending this shop to all my archery friends!



I had an idea about engraving and some questions as a new archer. Customer service was so good: they researched what they didn’t already know and got back to be quickly every time. Would absolutely buy from them again.

This is a nice, well made item. It's concept is simple. I have always simply tillered by eye before but this little thing really helps with finding the areas that you need to reduce. It's much more accurate than my eye! I'm currently working on a little 48" osage self bow and it has really helped with the tillering!

I'm quite happy with it.


Great node spacing on both pieces. And super fast delivery!

This bow stringer is tough as nails and looks great too. Perfect for string my 68 inch longbows.



Great quality. Thanks!

Well made bowstring.

I haven't used it yet but it looks to be good quality and it arrived in a timely fashion. No complaints here.

As always good I’ve bought from him elsewhere where as well as my father has

Beautiful leatherwork! Can’t wait to use it!

I own several bow stringers. However, I can see already this will be my favorite. Superb craftsmanship, functionally perfect, and beautiful.  Who could ask for more. Definitely 5 stars.

High quality product!

Looks like good wax, will get to use soon.

Haven’t got to use it yet but hopefully it’ll work out! Watch videos on how to install if you not very knowledgeable with these things.

Haven’t got to use it yet but seemingly will be quality product!

Super high quality and the best customer service. I would recommend this seller for sure. I plan to make more purchases soon.

Perfect, came exactly as described. Nice bonus as well

As always a beautifully done bow string.



good quality rough slats and easy to sand to size

took it out to the range and shot for 45 min and the hair is already coming off so I don't know if it's the hair direction or something

I rushed my first bow onto the tillering tree and snapped it

Shipped quickly, should work great.

I’ve purchased from this vendor before and it’s always just the best experience.. thank you

Great quality and looks perfect!


Great item!

Excellent quality, easily adjustable, great fit!

Very nice quality! I’m sure I will purchase again.

Excellent bow string, as usual.  Thank you.

As usual Kramer provides the best, thank you.


great bamboo came faster then i expected.


One of the grommets was popped off when it arrived, it still works with 3 but still a bummer.

Item just as described. Great quality as well. Thanks

Fast shipping. Thank you


Great product thanks for making it available, I will buy again

thanks man I'm a fan of your YouTube channel.

thanks to shatterproof archery.

the bamboo is perfect

Gorgeous, high quality string, fast delivery....What else can you ask for?

My husband loved it!!

Well constructed tab with a quick/smooth release.  Thanks!

very well made. Fits my Kodiak hunter tip with no problem. Very happy.

Loved the beaver balls and the fast shipping. Thanks friends!!!!

Excellent quality and as ordered.   Will purchase from vendor again

Excellent quality and as advertised.  Will purchase from vendor again.

The bowstring is perfect, I have ordered before and I will order again.

Once I got the string to the right length it works very well.  I think a string of amsteel would work better, no stretch, the paracord does stretch a bit so I put a figure 8 knot about six inches down on center of the string and it now works better for me.  If Amstel was used this item would be more expensive.

This is one excellent 3-fingers under tab.

Perfect! Very high quality

I used to shoot a bow split finger style but as I age I have found that shooting 3 under is more comfortable and allows me to shoot longer.  I purchased my first 3 fingers under finger pad from Shatterproof and that is where I will purchase all of them.  The price is fair and the quality is excellent.  I just finished shoot 2 of my bows, one a custom, the other a Howatt Super Diablo, unbelievable how comfortable and how much better I was able to shoot.  Thank you Kramer, I will be ordering a couple more of pads.


I finally got a chance to use my Powerglass & it worked out fantastic. Item was carefully packaged & promptly shipped. I'll be back again soon. 

Thank you.

Fantastic products and superb service. Highly recommend.

quality wax - thank you very much

good adhesive - thank you again

great custom order - thanks

great strings as always - repeat buyer and will buy agaiin

Well made item, quality materials.

Well made arm guard. Quality construction & materials. Very pleased.

high quality beaver that are just he right size for make a slightly larger than a golf ball puff on your bowstring.  Wonderfully quiet.

Nice little block of wax.  Seems to go on easily.  Time will have to tell on long term use!

Wonderful product.  High quality components and sturdy construction.  As a bonus, the leather cap has been slowly conforming to fit my longbow.  Love it!

high quality string and fast shipping - thanks.

I've never shot with a devise so ergonomicable as this. really saves your finger strength!

top quality leather, very comfortable and helps my forearm from getting chewed up.

top quality and ultra fas shipping!

Great quality. Fast shipping. I can’t wait to try out the tillering gizmo. Will definitely be back for more.

Great quality and quick shipping. Definitely recommend this place

Excellent craftsmanship with fast, on time delivery. Would recommend this shop

All I have had time to do is look the strings over and they look excellent.  I will update this once I have installed one of them and shoot it a bit.


Review Take-2, I installed one of my new strings today and shot it about 25X.  It works flawlessly and looks great.  I hope it lasts as long as my previous string, I'm interested in how much stretch I will get from this string as well.


Excellent quality, plenty of material to work with! Plenty wide enough to back my bow! Highly recommended! 

Highly recommend doing business with Shatterproof, they are very responsive to any questions you my have.

i have several bow stringers from over the 5 decades ive done archery.  all have failed or worn out.  i was thrilled with how sturdy and good looking this one is.  its even more stout than my custom flemmish bowstrings.  its as thick as paracord, and id say it was, but it didnt stretch like paracord.

im getting another one.

Arrived promptly and nicely packaged

Well made! I can’t wait to try it out! Shipping was very fast.

Works really well, and it’s very nicely made! Shipped super quick even with the holidays.



Love the string!! Gorgeous! It fells great. Recovering from surgery so I haven't shot it yet but I cannot wait!!! Thanks for the excellent care and quality! ...and an excellent YouTube channel!!!

Love the string, wax and string silencers!!!! Great YouTube channel as well!! you guys are GREAT!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I pray God's blessings upon y'all!!

works well with my Das Dalaa bow



The item was exactly what I wanted. Going to start using it next week and tiller another self-bow!!!

Excellent product, as described! Would buy again.

I wanted to “trick” my bow out immediately… this was a must have.

Great quality. Good communication. Love the design. A must have for your bow.

The item was well crafted and promptly delivered. Shatterproof Archery was kind in their emails and prompt in their help.


thanks shatterproof archery. the fiberglass backing is perfect. 

Check out this store and find his channel on YouTube.

Superb quality! Sticks well and provides protection and dampening.

Works well and is well made.

Beautiful as well as functional.  Happy to have this as part of my archery kit.

I had to trim this to fit my bow, the size of the pad could likely fit any bow.

nicely done leather work .

Love it.  Exactly what I wanted.

Looks good. I will glue it up and see how fast it can run.

Pretty good bowstring wax. Gets the job done.


Simply put, the best string I’ve ever put on my Grizzly!  Clean, fresh, the colors and size were spot on.  I’m suuuuuper in love with the servings, Kramer did a beautiful black and silver lined serving area that is both visually stunning in details and I just love that!


If I could give it six stars, I would.  In the meantime, I’ll be giving Kramer and Shatterproof my business from now on.  Outstanding products, guys!  Please keep up the excellent work 🤙🏽

Great string! First time purchasing a string so my only comparison is the one that came with my bow.


So by that standard, this one came extra waxy, should stay that way for a good while. 


Also, the longer serving really is helpful for protecting the string, the welt on my arm and the fraying on my previous string right under the (shorter) serving are proof.


Highly recommend

THANKS! Super fast shipping! Received as ordered. Waxed very well!

Fast shipping. Item exactly as described.

Very nice tab.  I used it today for the first time and am quite happy with it.  (Same goes for the arm guard I bought from you previously,)  Nice quality items.


Another quality item from Shatterproof Archery, great items, shipped fast, thank you.

Very well made! Nice and long. Fast shipping. Nice guy. If there was one thing I would change, it would be the addition of a narrow pocket version. My reflex/deflex bow has very narrow limb tips that kind of swim in the pocket of this stringer. Still works better than my other stringer though!

Kramer is the best! Everything I get from his shop is top-notch. Shatterproof is my archery supplier from now on. Great guy too.

Exactly what I needed to maintain the bowstrings bought from here!

A beautiful bow string and fast shipping. I'll likely be putting a better string on my "guest bow," so I'll be back! :)

Just what we need, glad to support a local business.

Just high quality tab.

Money well spent.

Love it!  It was exactly what I was after.

husband loved it said its perfect

this is a cool spot to buy good quality products made in the USA

Great looking strings! Kramer was a big help in the questions I had regarding string and bow length. Looking forward to testing these strings soon! Would definitely buy extras just to have in the future

It's exactly as described & easy to use! Thank you!!!


came in timely fashion and all in good shape     thanks shatterproof.

Great quality leather, and the underside of the loop side (not the side that hooks to the lower nock) is nice and grippy.  I use it with my 7' yew longbow, 6' bamboo longbow, and 5' horse bow.

Beautifully crafted, lovingly made. Definitely a plus for newbie archery. And even if you have years of skill under your belt, super fantastic guard!


Fantastic string. made exactly to the size I needed, prestreched, perfect. Made so well I don't even need to use string silencers. Turn around was the fastest yet. Perfect !!!

Excellent bowstringer, much better made than the commercial ones I have. Great Job !!!

Beautifully made bow stringer.  Works perfectly, looks great, and looks built to last.  It also arrived earlier than expected.  Much appreciated!





Super quick delivery, great person to work with and terrific communication.

I didn’t even know you had to wax bowstrings! I’m a complete noob but I’m so glad I came across this shop. The wax came in a cute little box!

Absolutely helps silence my bow!


A super pretty string that went well with my recurve!

They shipped quick and were very responsive. The product is great too! Would shop here again

Nice arm guard.  I look forward to using this for many years!

I ordered a fast flight Flemish twist for a Bear super Kodiak with a 65lb draw. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! This string is solid, quiet and Fast!  Very nice presentation on the shipping end and arrived promptly. I shall return!

Excellent  craftsmanship, my husband will definitely get his use out of these!  Thank you!

Thanks for the incredibly fast shipping and the great service. I appreciate the great price for such a quality  stringer.

Soft leather, quality feels nice and like it will last, zero complaints. Very happy

Well-made; works great; arrived quickly!

I like this arm guard very much and would buy it again.

While the quality of these are excellent, they do not match completely with the images here. They are stamped with the words "Shatterproof" instead of the cool logo shown in the images. Like I said, the quality is excellent, I just wish they sent precisely what is offered for the price I paid. I'd still recommend the kit  to most people though.

Bow stringer and string are excellent quality!

arrived safely. thank you. will re order as needed.

delighted with this find- very high quality craftmanship. would gladly order another if/ when needed, but suspect it will not be for a while! Shipped quickly.

Love this arm guard.  Simple, easy to put on, comfortable, and does what it’s supposed to do.  My arm thanks you!

Bought this string for a Howard Hill type longbow and man, it shoots great. Also, fast shipping and quick responses to questions with this seller. This shop is my go to for archery supplies from here on. Highly recommended!


Fantastic hand made arm guard! The best one I’ve seen. Classic and real, not like some of these cheesy Amazon ones. Just buy this one and be done with it!

Excellent bowstring and it was shipped quickly. Love the extra large serving and how quiet this string is compared to the strings most bows come with. I’ll  be buying another soon!

Thick and simple to put on.



Quick shipping and very responsive.

Supple leather, well made, nice guy. What more could you ask for!

Awesome. Shipped fast enough, and looks good. Thank you very much.

Simple, sleek and put together well :)

This is the ideal stringer for a recurve bow!

Great product, quality leather, easily adjusts for my wife and I.

Great! Exactly what I was looking for.

Great Tab. High Quality leather.  Well made.  Good feel and protection.   I will buy another as a backup.

Nice thick leather, and comfortable to use. Shipped quickly as well, I'd buy this again :)



Great! fast shipping! and it feels good on my arm! Beautiful work.

Excellent combined shipping!  Highly recommended seller.

Great product and communications!  Highly recommended seller!

This is a beautiful arm guard that arrived quickly and with very cool packaging, including an encouraging quote! It fits my forearm perfectly and is fully adjustable. I was able to untie and retie the elastic to my size so that it can be attached with one hand by simply pulling it over the hooked eyelet in the middle. In my photo you are seeing the lighter inner side of the leather, but the outside is a dark and rich brown. Unfortunately I still haven't shot my new bow yet so I cannot show it in action, but it feels thick and sturdy. Thank you ShatterproofArchery!


Wonderful quality, everything is tightly secured so I don't have to worry about it falling apart nor snapping. Would recommend!

Great quality and fast shipping! Love it!

The leather and workmanship are beautiful. This tab is solid and makes shooting a pleasure. My fingers are thanking me.

Great product for a great price

Very nice work.

Very nicely made. You can tell that attention to detail is important from the item to the packaging.

Takes a week or so to break in, but it's absolutely perfect. Fits my 3 cards + ID and a folded up $20, and has a super slim profile in my pocket. Love it.

Great 3 under tab !

Looks and feels good I'm sure it'll release well

This Wallet is perfect for me. Easy to use, looks super slick and forms to my cards and pocket. Much more streamline than my last wallet which I love because it easily slips in and out of my pocket. REAL LEATHER sweet stitching with plenty of room for my 8 or so cards plus cash. I would buy from shatterproof leather again but i feel that this wallet will last me a lifetime! Great gift though!

Amazing quality and fast shipping!  Thank you!

Kramer was very helpful. He made a special item for me because I wanted to finish the notebook myself for a gift. Would definitely recommend this shop. This is a picture of the journal after I started working on it.

It turned out perfect for what I wanted!!! My dad is a craftsman and loves anything wood and this is the perfect gift for him! I did the wood burning myself. It was plain and smooth. The delivery was quick! I will buy again!

Such beautiful work. Really appreciated how he checked in to make sure it was exactly how I wanted it and it’s perfect. Thank you!

Good productand good price

Myself particularly the quality of the string outstanding. Definitely will stay Shatterproof. Keep up the good job guys.

Great bow, 52# RD Bones, I have shot it very successfully, I will now tune a bare shaft for this bow.  I would recommend to  any body, Great craftsmanship

Fast shipping, great customer support, product quality  and they standby their products.

Great quality in how it is made and works perfectly!

These new glove feel so comfortable and goes well with my premium shatter proof arm guard.

The quality and craftsmanship of the Shell Cordovan Split Finger Tab is truly impressive! I'm very pleased with it.


My fiancé is head over heels for this!! 

Best purchase!!


Quick service and love the video content!

Like usual the strings i order from shatterproof are fantastic. You have a great company goin there and I will order them from nobody else ! THANK YOU Ed Dugan.

The split finger tab is extremely well made.  I like the fact that it’s made in America and made well.  The leather is thick but soft and thick.  Breaking in is going well, lots of leather to trim and get the perfect fit..

Embodies what a traditional 3-under tab should be.  Stitches are perfect and leather is thick but soft and supple.  Lots of leather to trim to the perfect fit.  If the part with the cord was a little more rigid it would be perfect.  Because it’s flexible it move a little in my hand and means I gotta tighten the cord a lot to get the stability I want.


Amazing quality. Awesome customer service asked a question and they got back to me right away. Will be buying all my bowstrings in the future from them!

Great products. Super easy order platform. Fast delivery. Great service and products

Great quality product works great and great prices

Haven't been able to shoot due to injury. Can't wait to get back to the range

My accuracy is improved with this bowstring, happy with this

Fit like a glove baby! Looks great ! Thanks good job on silencers too

Always gives me a great product . Keeps in touch .

Shipped quickly, good quality item for the price.  Fits well, great adjustability.  Protects my arm from the bowstring when my technique is not on point.

Great quality product.  Shipping was quick.  The tab has a good release but was a bit big for my small woman hands, so I'll probably trim it down.

Your videos are vary helpful and insightful ordered my first string for my first bow I'm loving everything about this journey can't wait to  purchase a rd bones

Easy to put on and fits perfect!

Has a really good feel, nice leather. No break-in time. Bought as a back-up to the other glove I bought from SHATTERPROOF.

The bow is absolutely Beautiful. Pictures do not do these bows justice. I ordered a 50 pound and it shoots like a dream. The only problem was shipping but I did order during the ice storm so that could have something to do with it. Kazden answered my call and also answered all my questions. I just ordered a shatterproof quiver I can’t wait to get it in to see how it looks.


I will be purchasing another bow in a lower weight for my wife..

it fits good, made of high quality materials, very well built glove, and works great

It's a definite upgrade to the string that came with my Samick sage recurve

Colors were great.


Took very good care of me





Great Product reasonable price, and American company.


Great design and quality. Made in the USA

Easy install, definitely reduced noise.  Very pleased.


Quality and length are great


I liked the quality of the products.   I was rather disappointed in the length of the beaver ball silencers I got.   I like a longer silencer.   Quality was good though.


Bought this on for a self bow I was making.


I didn't buy anything fantastic. It did, however, get me out shooting my 1953 bear kodiac magnum and 1953 bear grizzly. I got string silencers for both of them which quieted both bows down alot and to almost the same. I can't believe it took me this long. Thank you!!:)

String is great and beaver balls are nice and puffy

Nice and puffy




I bought a Bow 15 years ago from a stranger who needed to sell stuff he collected and I didn't know what I bought but I was told by my friend, I made a good purchase (Bear Super Kodiak recurve).  I shot it a handful of times over the 15 years.  I have a 6 year old grandson now; whose Father bought a him a bow for Christmas.  So, the past week we have used his bow in my backyard.  The grandson really enjoyed shooting the bow.  So, I decided to rummage through my garage to find the bow I bought 15 years ago.  I was afraid to use the string on the bow so I searched the web about buying recurve bow strings.  I was redirected to YouTube and found  Shatterproof Archery.  I sent a message using their chat tool and right off the bat customer service was awesome and of course after a few questions the string I needed was on order.  What was great about the customer service was I had placed an order through the their website the day before using the chat tool and purchased a different string then they recommended. The company was able to find my order and change the string from what I ordered to the recommended string with no hassle. I chose them over using Bear Archery, the makers of my bow, just because they gave a feeling about really caring my needs were met to have fun shooting my bow.

Quick and always perfectly made to order. Hard to beat


The string came in custom colors, are high quality finished servings that look and function great!

It fit my bow well resulting in a brace height of 8.25 inches which was a whole 0.5inch more than what resulted from the continuous-loop sting included with the bow.  The serving of this string was too thin for the nock of my arrows whereas your product is a much better fit. Another fact, that I like, though some may consider it a minor point, is that the loops differ in size enough so it is easy to tell them apart.  To conclude, your cost for this service and product is more than fair.  Thanks, guys.

Excellent quality


The armguard, shooting tab, and bow building equipment were all higher quality and same or lower prices than other suppliers I looked. And when I had a question about my order, they got back to me immediately. Great team!


They are exactly what I was looking for.





everything is perfect, it was my first order but won't be my last one!

Personal service. A well made product. A happy wife who loved the quality and colors.


It's what was for sale.  Came as described. Having trouble getting it planed though.  Might go with bamboo backing that's already planed until I get more tools. 


Kramer is great though.





I have really big hands and after trying a few other gloves out that didn't fit right I tried this one.  I was surprised at how good it felt and the quality of the leather

Hands down this is the best shooting glove I have ever used. The design and fit are both fantastic. Love it.

Love this thing.

Love the saying on the hoodie. Light weight good for spring and fall. And the best part is it came with a sticker. Hoping to get a bow soon too. Support USA Company's... Go Colorado.

Literally the best bow stringer on the market.

Fits any/every bow I and my family own. Quality product as expected from the team.



Very nice that I can set my tillering length as I progress through the process. Your videos are very helpful.

I purchased this string on discount as a premade. Worked great but I may have purchased a size too small. Fraying at both ends after about 2-300 shots. Just purchased a new string at the appropriate length and got bowstring wax. hopefully this wont happen to the new string.

Good quality customer service outstanding


Great quality, very well waxed, length was exactly what I ordered. This was my second order for strings. Highly recommend. Very fast shipping. I’ll be ordering more. Thanks guys!

Work great. Dampen limb slap noise very well.

What can I say it’s a bow square. Works like it should. Every archer needs one. If you don’t have one, get this one!

If you like quiet shots, these do the trick.

Quality products, fast shipping, keep up the good work.

The string is very well made and shipped soon than I expected for a custom string.  It is louder than my last string because it is fast flight.  I was expecting that for the slight boost in speed compared to my last string(not fast flight).  Over all everything I expected it to be.

Got my new hip quiver and it's PERFECT!!!



just great overall

I've gotten a ton of use out of the finger tab! great quality and great service!










It is a well built smooth tab

My bow shoots so smooth, and looks pretty!

I ordered a piece of Bamboo backing and some beaver string silencers. The bamboo was great I just finished a Bamboo backed IPE longbow for my son. The string silencers work perfect and as advertised. Thanks again shatterproof for providing such great products.

Arrived promptly, well waxed fast flight bowstring. My Tatar horse-bow now has a very satisfying release. Notable  positive difference compared to stock string. Shatterproof has excellent people, products  and service.    Mr. Ammons YouTube channel helped me learn and spurred my excitement for archery and  now his company is supplyingquality archery equipment. Thanks man, I appreciate your efforts.

Bow string fit perfectly. Good communication with staff via email.

Helps silence bow slap well enough.

I was very impressed when someone from Shatterproof Archery almost immediately answered my email in which I asked several questions. The products I ordered including a string and back pocket quiver fit the bill nicely. I will be ordering from Shatterproof Archery again. Thank you for your patience with a beginning archer.



I bought an older Bear Super Kodiak that was showing signs of use. Overall the bow was in great condition. I wanted to get it refinished and stumbled across Shatterproof. They gladly took on the project and I had my bow back in under a week with fantastic results! The price was more than fair. There was only one mistake... the let me shoot "The Bones". Now I have to save a few nickels because the bow shot so nice I just gotta have one!

The crew here are awesome folks to boot! Thanks!



Good construction. Fast service.  Will buy again.

Fast delivery. We'll made.


Product was packaged very well. Got exactly what I wanted!

Your bamboo backing seems to be of superior quality.

I do miss the grey Trucker Hats. I hope you restock soon.



I love the fit and functionality of this glove. Fits the fingers tight...but not too tight...and the leather is soft and comfy, but still very protective. I don't get the string digging into my fingers feeling I have gotten with many other archery gloves in the past. The single strap concept works great, and this glove is a true delight to shoot with!

The piece that applied directly to the shelf is perfect and was very easy to apply and trim, and were my review only based on this part, I would give it a full five stars. But, the triangle piece that came with it...the piece that mounts vertically on the riser...gave me fits. Went on easy enough, but I found the calf hair stuck out a bit too much, and obscured my view of the arrow tip when at full draw. So, I had to take it off. Probably more of a me issue than an issue with the rest...but even with that...I feel it was a worthwhile purchase, and would buy again for future bows.

Well constructed string of the perfect length.   Beaver string silencers were added for my benefit and everything was delivered in seal envelope a few days after ordering.   First class job all the way around and I'll definitely order again.

String fit perfectly, bow is shooting great again!

Much faster delivery

This is a beautiful string and perfectly made. It fit perfectly and I will be honestly using Shatterproof Archery strings from now on. Very happy archer here!

Multiple color choices and high performance

If you want to build a bow, Shatterproof Archery has the resources for you to learn, plus, you can outsource the parts you don't enjoy and buy your Silenced Bow Strings and other accessories and tools from their shop!


These are easy to make, sure, but Shatterproof Archery taught me how to make bows for me and my friends, so for reasonable prices it's just as easy to buy through their shop!

Functional silencers, plus they look cool!


Bow string is very nice and fits the bow perfectly.



The string was just as I ordered. Gorgeous and works well! Stretched a little over half an inch. Freaking loving it!




Great quality received it in a timely manner, shoots very well


My wife loved the look of her new string.  The yellow/Red is a great touch to her bow.




The quality, proof of quality, and efficiency of the products I've purchased

Tillering String working great! Following the YouTube videos. Self bow is coming along nicely.


Exactly what I ordered and fast delivery



The speed of shipment was fantastic. I can’t wait until you guys start getting into fletching materials.

The strings that I ordered look fantastic on my bows. Also they shoot great although they are a good bit louder than the original strings but I knew that going in.i appreciate that you run a small American family business.  I watch all of your videos and have learned alot from you. My ultimate goal is to buy one of your bows but have to save my pennies. Thank you very much.

Amazing as usual. More orders I’m sure in the future

I see precision/care

The glove fits perfectly and is very comfortable. Now I’m just patiently waiting on my new Bones bow.



I love the color and how well it shoots very smooth if I need a new bow string again I will definitely come here



The 3 under tab I ordered is amazing! Soft and comfortable. Thick enough to pad, thin enough for feedback.

I love the high quality and detail that you put into your products.


Good product good prices fast delivery. All around great service, love the YouTube channel and the information provided by Kramer

Quick shipment. Great product. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Always like the quality and the quick turnaround.thx again




Great quality and fast shipping.


Strings are awesome!!! Tabs are awesome!!! You just can’t go wrong with these guys.

i like that its a custom string just for me thank you phil k.



Quick and quiet shooting

I bought it and modified it to be more what I was looking for...I only wish it was a deeper pocket, otherwise a nice product.



Extremely well built string. I'm very satisfied with this purchase. Shoots so much smoother than my stock string. I highly recommend upgrading your bow with this reasonably priced, well built product.

Quality eork as usual. Thank you guys!!





It was beautiful. I loved that you guys gave me wax and a string  and pads for it too, I didnt even think about those so it was a nice add on.

Shatterproof strings are the best.  Love the feel, choice of color combinations and types of strings. Will be ordering from SPA on the regular!


Everything I ordered came as I ordered it, the way you promised it would be, the quality of the products is fantastic. If I was to muster up any type of complaint, I would have to say #1 the delivery of the bow quiver took almost a week longer than it was supposed to, but nothing you can do about that,#2 not a lot of instructions on how to apply the products we purchase.. Mr. Ammons you seem to be a heckuva guy,  I like your company and I love your videos. Hope you all had a great weekend.






The strings are the best I have had

Made exact to my specs. Loops are twisted up perfect. Serving is tight and long.

The entire experience from start to finish was amazing. I ordered the wrong string, they helped me figure out what i did wrong and they even sent me the right one free of charge quick to get me back on the range. Amazing product and even more amazing service. I will be back maybe even to try their bows one day.


Great string


Actually fit well with little trimming; keep up the good work

As always top quality products.  The string looked and functioned amazing.  The Recurve silencers looked great I haven't had a chance to put them on a bow yet.  Once I do I will send a picture.






Beaver string silences look and work good. The YouTube video was a real help.  And it’s definitely worth using a string separator.  I did one with a string separator and one with a bootleg method and I’ll be using the separator for now on.


I got a fast flight string for a recurve and the twist look really good no tag ends hanging out . The string was nice and smooth . All around great string



I have bought three strings for my self bows and they have all been great.

Looks good- shoots good

Super fast delivery. Beautiful work. I had no string stretching. Super fast string compared to my stock strings.



Want to buy the glove too.  But differently will recommend the tab.

First time making bow string.  And this string was easy to use.


This strings outperforms many of the endless loop strings in the market right now. I have a PSE nighthawk which on its own was quiet and now it almost has no vibration/noise any more. thank you for the amazing work you put into all your products and the care you put into testing each and everyone of them.

These are just great folks and each time I have needed something they have gone out of their way to help me. I am a loyal customer!!!

It's a beautiful long bow,love the walnut riser,the bow shoots smooth and fast,with no stack or hand shock.

Well made and the 3 inch loop ends fit my Korean bow

48# comfertable, smooth, light weight.  The handle is well shaped . And shows the care put into it . It shoots very well .



I am always impressed with the work by Shatterproof Archery’s quality. This is my 3rd bow string from Shatterproof, this one was for my son’s first bow and as always it was perfect.

Shatterproof Archery provides the best strings, and archery equipment you will find!   communication is also amazing.

Its quality bow wax. I'll be some more in the near future



Well made, fit was great, no issues or concerns at this time.

Not very impressed yet. It will be a refund if this one doesnt arrive


I discovered this glove through YT and was struck by the unique design. It mostly lived up to my expectations.


This glove is offered in one size fits most. My hands typically fit Medium or Large gloves, but I felt this glove was almost too large for me. Specifically, the depth of the fingers. The middle finger is just the right length to fit my finger, if my finger was a millimeter shorter the glove would be too loose on my hand. That seemed strange to me, since this design would seemingly work just as well if the pocket was a whole 1/3rd less covered. So on my medium/large hand, it feels kinda bulky. Adding to this, is that the finger pockets are pretty squared at the ends, not rounded like the finger tips of other gloves I've used. I don't know anyone with square finger tips, and it just adds to the feeling of being loose/bulky.


Shooting with the glove took a bit of getting used to, because unlike my other gloves or tabs, there's only one layer of leather at the finger tips. This seems to be an intentional design choice to improve string feel. I initially found it uncomfortable, but I'm getting used to it. I wonder if my feeling on the lack of padding would change if I stepped up in draw weight. Despite my reservations about the fit, after a few practice rounds I haven't noticed any problems. The squared finger tips don't seem to be an issue. Releases feel smooth, and my grouping is about the same as with my old glove.


I do still like this glove, and I will continue using it. I may just make some adjustments to improve the fit, or even try copying the pattern but shrinking it a bit.


The design of the wrist strap is simpler than my old gloves, and it feels more natural not having a strip of leather across the palm. I also appreciate the absence of elastic or hook and loop.


Always look great, perform great and best of all great customer service !


Amazing string for my Black Hunter recurve bow, brought it to the next level! So quiet, so fast, feels amazing to shoot.

Just to be clear. My package never arrived, BUT! When I first got a bow and started doing upgrades, I had purchased this string. Unfortunately though, a few months after, my home was broken into and they stole everything. During that time of having used the string though it was great! So I purchased another and even though my package was lost, when I messaged them for help about where my order may be, they were very quick to respond and extremely helpful. Five stars through and through!


These are my go to strings for FF compatible bows. I’ve been swapping all my strings to Shatterproof strings. Length is always spot on, and they look great too!


Very comfortable and love that its not velcro lol

Works great very comfortable easy to adjust.

The arm guard fits like shatterproofs glove..fantastic

The stringer is da bomb..makes quick work of stringing and adjustments and is sooo gentle on the bow....super nice.

Shatterproof is quick to answer any questions or resolve any problems. They sincerely stand behind their motto.


Awesome sauce



Got it quickly,exactly what I expected making 1st bow, exciting I'm all in, want to talk to your experts.

I have bought four strings and they have been exceptional.

Happy with everything I purchased and love the YouTube videos. Built my first bow a 68” bamboo backed Hickory reflex deflex that was a success thanks to being able to reference his videos and using some of the products he sells!

Shoots nice holds wax better than the string that came witb my bow great fit only needed q couple twists for good brace height

As always the quality was perfect, thank you

Brought my brace height to nearly 8 inches with very little twist adjustment. Very quiet without the beaver fur.  Excellent tight serving. 20 arrows later I am smiling ear to ear.


Great quality for the price


They responded to my inquiries and helped me decide on the products I needed.  Products are great quality and working great.

I always love my strings, and the customer service is top notch!

Fast shipping . High quality string. Will be ordering from Shatterproof again

Great product and quick shipping. 

Fantastic communication. 

My first successful bow build, and my daughter couldn’t be more pleased.


Good material solid construction exactly what I was looking for.

Tab is well made. Great stitching. Conforms to my fingers easily.



One size fits all with 3 spots on wrist strap. I have thin fingers but with that subtle leather u don't need the fingers like most gloves to be so tight that it leaves your fingertips numb. If u have problems with the fit u probably need a tab.

Both strings I ordered had similar but not identical colors. They were both great fits & I was able to easily aquire my preferred b.h. of 7 9/16". The best serving for quality, feel & length that I've had. Shooting Excell bare shafts.👌

I bought this bow after being heavily influenced by watching Kramer build bows out of everything. I watched his reviews and purchased many of the cheap Amazon bows he would recommend, or not in some cases. But when he came on the RD design in the Bones small package, what a shooter. I have two, 35 & 47# @ 28. Absolutely love them both. Newer walnut version @47# is just fantastic, accurate, smooth and fast. My goodness, what else can you ask for? Buy one or two and you will not regret it!

Bow string and Tab both worked perfectly. Order was processed and shipped efficiently. Can't ask for anything more than that.


These guys run a class outfit and I always look to them first for any of my trad archery needs.


It was of great quality as always

The field points were the perfect weight and shape. I will be back for more later



What are the dimensions of the Osage bamboo backed recurve in your tube video ???





Great solid products from a great American company.


Great strings, and Kramer always has them out in a  flash.


The string was beautiful, and it arrived very quickly.

One of the best set of strings I have ordered. And I have been shooting bows for over 40 years. Great job

Just what I ordered and wanted.

Quality all around.  Took a few twists out for my brace height. Fit like a glove. Also love the beaver silencers. Would/will buy again.

Great products. Quality service. Hard to beat.



Shipping was super fast. Products was exactly how it was represented. I will buy from this shop again



Easy to do business with

It’s a very comfy and durable guard.

Down to earth guys with a passion for archery and building quality products.



The glove is even better than I expected.  Pardon the pun BUT it fits like a glove 😃 I'm 6'3" and larger build and there is enough adjustment for it to fit me perfectly and the fingers are nicely snug.  The quality of construction is Excellent as well. A+++++

Nicely made and easy to adjust.  Fits me perfectly. A+++++

Good quality and a great price !!!!

Easy to navigate,  excellent products. I highly recommend this store and their excellent YouTube videos. A+++++






It was put out in the mail so quickly and the way it was put together arrow spec and knock fit were everything I wanted 

In other words I found the perfect place to buy strings 

From now on I order in bulk lol Aloha from north shore Haleiwa

I have purchased custom strings from other companies and your strings are the best



It’s what I wanted and shipped in a reasonable time

They made a high quality custom string for me and it arrived on time and shoots great



The glove is comfortable and we’ll made. It makes shooting much less irritating on my fingers.


Great quality! Fast shipping and just a great all around company to deal with. YouTube channels are also a gold mind of information.


Great quality items!!



I like that it’s made Flemish style, and have a longer serving to the strings…. also, it is super nice you guys build it to my exact request on my measurement…. It is a nice service that you install Beaver ball string silencers per customers request…. Your team at shatterproof archery is building great products for the traditional archery hunters or target shooters…. Thank you.

The quiver is easy to fit to my bow and hold the arrows securely.

I like that shatter proof archery uses a natural bow string silencer like the beaver balls…. it’s what I would choose when hunting traditional archery equipment….the beaver balls are of good quality and it is nice that they offer installation on your boat string… keep up the good work Team Shatterproof Archery….🤠

I took advantage and used their field point test pack of different tip weights when bare shaft tuning arrows for my new Bones bow….

I have ordered a few times from Shatterproof Archery now and I am 100% happy with my orders and I'm sure I will be ordering more from them

I went on Shatterproof Archery’s website and placed a sizable order for myself…. I had them make three custom bow strings for my recurves and ordered a new Bones bow along with extra calves hair material for bow shelves….a new three under shooting tab that they make in house…. when I emailed questions to their shop , they emailed me back the answers I was looking for….. keep up the great work Team Shatterproof Archery… I will definitely make future purchases…. your friend, in archery hunting and archery target shooting…. Cowboy Steve 🤠

High quality and super easy to toss on

Exactly as pictured

I friggin love this thing. Super easy to use and easy to store in a side pocket. Very glad I purchased

Very communicative, fast shipping, and high quality products. What more could you want?

The glove has an excellent feel, and it's not coming off my hand like the velcro on my other glove was causing.

The attention to detail was spot on and I appreciate the customization options. I will continue to buy all strings exclusively through Shatterproof Archery.

Well installed, durable, and effective.




Great product, as described. Prompt shipping with great communication!

I submitted a question and I had an almost immediate response with a very informative video

Love shatterproof archery!  Their bowstrings are the best


Very well made, quick service and very comfortable

Fantastic customer service. Measured my bow string, and calculated length using AMO. But, string was too short. Contacted Shatterproof, and it they immediately replaced with a longer string which fits perfectly!

I was gifted a string for my recurve for my birthday awhile ago. After the 3rd week of shooting it started to fray. I should’ve let you know earlier. I haven’t shot in a couple of months for I am afraid the string might bust. You do not need to send me another string or anything. I should have let you know earlier! There is a picture posted below. It is only on one end.


This fits like a glove....:)

Superior leather work!

Thank you!

Love the service, was quick and was personalized just for me. Thank you. Keep up the good work


Love them great silencer

All around great experience and fast shipping. I’m definitely going to be ordering more




Shatterproof B-55 strings are awesome! Using them on all my trad bows. Ordering is super easy and shipment is fast. Shatterproof keeps you updated on your order.

Fits my pocket perfectly and arrows fit in perfectly.



It came quickly, it works well, it's made in the 🇺🇸. Looks good. Zero complaints

This string is very nicely done. The quality of the loops and the large serving is much better then any other string I own. It's on par if not better than other strings I've purchased at a higher price. I highly recommend!

Was made and shipped fast


Great customer service, you guys always do what's best for the customer. Much appreciated!

Bow string looks and functions great.

We recently got into the archery interests and have started collecting bows, arrows, and replacement string. So far this has been a sharp learning curve but we found out pretty quick that it is needed to help maintain and keep string in good shape. This seems good quality overall in my limited experience and does seem to benifit the string with application.  Recommended

found it to be as listed Star Rating System (What do my star ratings mean?): 1 STAR - Completely unusable, would request a refund 2 STAR - Meets minimum viable product requirements, wouldn't purchase it again 3 STAR - It does what it should, but in a non-spectacular way, I may recommend it, but definitely with reservations 4 STAR - I like it. It is solid quality and delivers as advertised, I would purchase it again and recommend it to a friend 5 STAR - I love it. It meets or exceeds all of my expectations and is high quality, I would purchase it again and would openly promote it to friends As an Amazon Vine Member, I give honest reviews, whether or not it is a good one or a bad one. I'm a person who immediately checks reviews on everything, and I understand how important an honest and thoughtful review is.

Not completely sure how much we needed this, but thought it would eb good to try. We use a recurve bow for recreational use and figured this would be good to help protect the string. I guess where our bow is newer I dont really notice too kuch. This goes on easily and seems like it protective. However, our bow isn't really exposed to the elements or anything.

The wax comes in a typical tube. It seems to have a nice adhesion and will warm up and work its way into the string if it's worked properly. It should enhance the bow string and keep it lasting longer.

Great wax and plenty of it. We used this wax on our hand made Japanese recurve bows, keeps our bow strings clean and dry from rain or humidity all while soft enough to flex on draw. No flaking if wax when drawing bow. This also can be used in other applications for things like tools etc. I recommend having this product handy in a bugout bag and for everyday uses.

This wax seems to be of a fairly high quality. It goes on smooth and evenly. It comes in a cardboard tube, though if it is going into a bag in moderate to high temperatures, I would prefer plastic. Otherwise, it's a great product that I would recommend!

I ordered the Shatterproof bowstring wax for a 70lb recurve bow I recently got. The wax is high quality and application is easy. The tube pushes up from the bottom, similar to lip balm. What I like most about it is that it’s not overly greasy on the bow string, nor is it flaky. It does a great job coating the strings, helping to block out moisture and prevent fraying. The wax works well and only takes seconds to apply. I’m very happy with it.

Easy to use. Should keep your bowstring from fraying quickly.

This wax has a nice firm consistency. No strong odor. Easy to apply without making a mess. the wax slides in the tube with little effort.

This bowstring wax feels very nice. This wax goes on real smooth and is really easy to apply. It sticks to and absorbs into the string quickly and easily. I found it easy to apply just by running the string over the tube with a finger on the back side of the string. After a couple of passes I rub it into the string by hand. The tube it is packaged in makes it easy to apply - just push a little out as you need it and it will go back in the tube when you put the cap on.  While making my string I used a big block of bees wax, this wax is softer than that block I have and is easier to thoroughly apply. I knew my string needed some help and I'm glad I found this wax to help protect it.  Regarding the company, Shatterproof Archery, I discovered them about a year ago through a friend and have enjoyed their instructional products, they really know bows and I've learned a lot from them. This product shows the quality and knowledge they put into their work. It is a good product - If you are looking for a wax to help protect and maintain your bow strings, this will do the trick.

The media could not be loaded. I love the idea of this bowstring wax but mine came cracked and was incredible hard to go the wax out I had to use a clamp and a socket just to get it out and it was falling apart . but once I remolded the wax it had a good consistency and was a really good wax

works well

I've tried quite few im just an amature shooter no trophy bucks on my wall ( yet!) But know proper waxing is essential for prolonging the life of your strings. I've tried a few bow string waxxes over the years .and for the most part they all are similar. That said what makes this one a bit different is the bullet style applicator it's easy and not so messy you just pop off the cap push the wax up into the tube run it across string put the cap back om and your done .great for touch ups on frayed strings.and in a pinch it doubles as a chapstick ...😑 (Ok that last part was a failed attempt at launching my stand up comedy carreer!) Just get the wax ! It's a fair price good product and a lot less messy in the field than a chunk!

I got this bowstring wax for to maintain my Compound Bow and to allow it to last longer and operate more smoothly. I like how this wax comes in a tube that is sealed and is easy to just slide up (much like a push pop). The mixture of the wax stays in a solid state so it doesn’t melt and make a mess. To use it you simply rub the stick along your bowstring and then use your fingers to work it in a bit. I found that it does a good job at reducing fray strands from forming on the strings. It comes w/ a lot of wax. Im sure it will take me years to consume it all. Overall im impress w/ this package.

This wax appears comparable to other bowstring waxes i have used. It is just the right density to apply to the string without it being too soft or hard. The wax comes in a cardboard tube that is dispensed by pushing the wax up from the bottom. Think of a bigger glue stick without the twisting. Good to have in ur bow case for quick touch ups. The wax is odorless except for a really light wax smell.

The media could not be loaded. I ordered this bowstring wax to use on my Hoyt compound bow. The wax works great and is in a convenient cardboard tube that makes application easy.

The lid stays on good but comes off easy when needed and their is plenty of this good wax... The wax is very nice and works good if used properly. The tube is not quite but almost 100% full, so you get plenty of wax in the tube which is very nice. Good day & God Bless... Randall M. Rueff K9RMR

Pros: Easy Application Long Lasting Sticky Improves String Longevity  Cons: None  What I received in the package: 1 x Tube of SHATTERPROOF Archery Bowstring Wax  This SHATTERPROOF Archery Bowstring Wax product comes in a 1 oz tube. The wax is smooth and heats up in your hand. It can be applied to the string and then it will penetrate by rubbing it into the string. It coats evenly and hopefully it will last some time. It only takes a little bit so don’t overdue it.  I appreciate you taking the time to read this. All in all, this seems like a quality wax. I tend to wax my string ever few months or so. This comes in a cardboard tube which makes it nice for storage. I would advise storing it in a a plastic bag as it will tend to leak in higher temperatures or if stored with my bow equipment in the garage. Hope this information was helpful. [4 Stars]

Every archery enthusiast or hunter already knows you need some good bow string wax. This tube of wax string appears to be just what we need. Easy to apply. Similar to a chap lipstick. Simply push from the bottom of the tube to expose the wax. Stroke it onto your string and push back into the tube for future use. Note that you are dealing with wax. So you do not want to leave this the dash of your vehicle or in a hot environment. This definitely will be going into my archery bag.

The last bowstring wax I used stayed too tacky and ended up being sticky that kept bugging me later on. This wax seems to get the job done and without the sticky feeling I had with my last wax. There is no strong smell to it and the tube is small and easy to use, just push up from the bottom and it slides easy up and down. I like it and it gets the job done. Check out my photos for a closer look and I hope this helped.

This wax has almost no odor at all. Just push on the bottom of the tube to get the wax to come up and then put on your bowstring. This is exactly as pictured and about 2x the size of a chapstick tube. It works great at protecting the bowstring from rot. It is easy to use with little as possible mess.

Good product. As the package says, push the wax up, wax your bow string, smile and shoot.  The wax is soft and thick. You don't need a lot. Keep your string slightly waxed. Not too heavy or it collects dirt. There should be enough wax to last years or normal use.  I like.

This arm guard is just what I need to take hunting - I never wear and arm guard unless I'm wearing bulkier hunting clothes, and this compact guard is easy to pack, and once adjusted to the size I need, perfect to throw in my pack to use when I need to keep my sleeve out of my string path - Kramer Ammons is a phenomenal bowyer and puts out amazing products!!!!

Well crafted and easy to use. Perfect for warmer climates where a wrap around is just too much. It is also strong enough to hold back a jacket sleeve as well. If the supplied shock cord ever wears out it can easily be replaced.

Very nice piece of bamboo for bow backing, as described - 5 foot by 1.75 inches and just shy of 1/8 inches thick. I'm using this as the back layer behind maple strips on a bow build.

Good tab i can use for left and right hand.

I love the feel of this tab and the quality of the leather.

I have a split finger tab and was looking for a three under style tab. Shatterproof Archery has some great archery videos so I was happy to buy one of their products. The tab came quickly and I found it to be well made. The string clip was not the one pictured but a globe style which tended to slip off more often then I liked. The tab I use is made of a stiffer, thicker leather which I like where this is a more supple style that does not release the string as easily. The stitching was well done but hard to see when I tried to use it for string walking which is not really what it is deigned for so I decided to return it. I know they make a style that is slicker and stiffer so might be what I am looking for but didn't see it on Amazon. This is a great tab, just not right for me. Hope to try one of their Flemish strings soon!

I like shatter proff archery supplies. Built by Americans for Americans

I've gotten bow strings before but never of this quality and durability.  Came pre waxed and ready to pop the second you open it.  This is a solid product right out of the box!

Strong, worth the money.

The string came in a fancy envelope that was wax stamped. The extra little things like that really let you know the company cares. Witch is very prevalent if you watch any of their YouTube videos. Have only shot with the string a few times but it is very noticeable that it's smoother and much better quality then the string that came with my bow. Couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you!

If you’re not familiar with shatterproof archery, I highly recommend checking out their YouTube channel. Kramer Ammons and his team provide an unbeatable product at unbeatable prices. I buy strings every few weeks as I build bows which I learned how to do from Kramer Ammons on YouTube. He is extremely helpful and thorough in explaining every detail about the build to reduce the risk of failure. Thank you Kramer!!!!

Very nice string. This fast flight string has improved my bows performance. And with added string silencers it shoots nice and quiet. I've shot several hundred arrows with this string and it's holding up well I just make sure to keep it waxed. The fitment was perfect and the string arrived early which was nice. Overall great buy.

These folks make a great quality string, at a very fair price. Low stretch, they settle in after only a few shots, and thats it, no fussing around with constant stretching!

Just as the descripition stated for specs and looks like the pictures. Plus it works great I've shot a ton of arrows on it, put on brass nocks then removed for tie-on nocks, and shot it a bunch since then and its still looking great.

The string came is a wax sealed envelop and my actual name was with the string. Details like that are hard to come by these days and for me, wont be forgotten. Truly great product and quality.

Don't like the elastic band to hold the tab. Maybe it's just personal preference

Like the quality all around, also the envelope it came in was pretty cool, an old style seal

I ordered one of these strings when I got a better pair of limbs for my recurve. They are custom but u get them quick & the quality is top notch. Now my string matches my limbs. Placed another order 2day for the same string & a glove. Shatterproof rocks!

Shatterproof makes it easy to choose a size for your self made bow, great selection of colors too! Oh yeah... nice string. Shoots beautifully.

Pretty good

I bought a used 40# Black Hunter that had the original D-97. It looked okay but I had several misfired arrows and I was apprehensive about using the bow. To me, the stock string was just a little too small in diameter. Thus, the nocks on my Easton Legacy arrows were not fitting snuggly on the string.  As soon as the string was deliver I had to get to work. The red and black string looks fantastic. Oh, when they say this string is pre-waxed, it is waxed better than I do myself. I twisted Beaver Balls on the Shatterproof D-97, set the brace height and string nock.  The rain showers stopped. I couldn't resist. The first shot was astonishing. Everything just felt the way I expected from the Black Hunter. Yes, the Shatterproof D-97 is a big upgrade from the original string. Next, I will order a B-55 from Shatterproof for my 1962 Bear Kodiak Special. For the cost of their strings, I can't go wrong! Thumbs Up!!!!

This along with some beaver balls give my entry-level, 30lb recurve a notably upgraded feel. A very pleasant 'thunk' when firing and huge improvement to my bow and shooting.

Desde el primer momento que la coloqué sentí la diferencia con otras cuerdas, la suavidad y precisión son superiores, la calidad del encerado y el encordado son muy buenas. No le pongo la calificación más alta porque siento que se desgasta muy rápido, la compra la hice el día 26 de febrero 2022 y el comentario lo ingreso el día 12 de abril de 2022, es decir poco más de 1 mes de uso. Uso el arco 2 o 3 veces por semana y este es el desgaste que se tuvo. El equipo que utilizo es un Samick Sage OP 50#, flechas spine 400 de 2.65 onzas de peso con jalón a 28". Cabe destacar que la cuerda la compré específicamente para 50#. Me gustaría que el vendedor me precisara si este desgaste es el normal o la cuerda tuvo algún defecto, o hay algo que yo pude haber hecho para evitar el desgaste.

Works great on Spyder 64 inch. Took some of the post shot vibration and noise out. Like the shatterproof videos. Now for a shatterproof bow string?

The calfskin is very smooth & the right give over the string groove. Eliminates string noise & adhesive is good but not too good. Shatterproof brand is better quality than most.

Good quality product that sticks nicely and does what it’s supposed to. American made is the way to go.

The quality of this product seems very good. It feels really nice to the touch. However, the reduction in sound on a 50# Bear Super Grizzly was not very much. I’ll keep them on because it does reduce the sound a bit but I wish it was more.

I just love these guys. Follow them on YouTube and appreciate everything they do. Quiver is reasonably priced, very high quality and exactly what I needed.

It works great. Idk what they put on it, buts it's pretty sticky until you use it a few times. Seems like a very good material that will last a really long time. I think the sticky stuff on it is probably beeswax but comes off pretty easy when you wash your hands. It seems to work into the string as you use it and it's no longer sticky.

Shatterproof makes awesome stuff. The package even has a thank you with it. Love supporting the little guy.

Shatterproof products are top notch.

After some delays and miscommunication in shipping timeline, the item arrived and quality is very good.

String is well made. I use mine all the time for different size bows and it works great. Your video's inspired me to start making my own bows and this string was definitely essential.

Using this right now to make my second bow with it. It's perfect for use on a tillering tree.

Not very impressed with this product I put them on my bow for days ago and the hair is gone already I suppose I shot 800 arrows

Quality product, but my arrows wouldn't stay on the narrow shelf after I put it on.

One inch by 1/4 inch of shedding hair, total Joke

The friction of shooting off this hair rest ripped it off the shelf in 12 shots. Very low quality product and will not satisfy a serious shooter.

Placed on the riser shelf, shot 4 arrows and calf fur flew off. The sticky residue was still on arrow shelf and bottom side of calf hair had no sticky residue.

This stringer is not safe to use for heavy bows . Mine is not made the same way as the one in the pictures. Don't think my stringer was properly made. I'm surprised a Two Time Olympic Champion would back a product like this. Sorry Jake I'm just not happy with this product....

Horrible disappointment. The end that goes on the bottom limb actually slipped and twisted my limb really badly. I'm incredibly unhappy with the product and my limb is messed up and custom hand made bow that is irreplaceable to me I paid $600 for the bow originally and now idk what I'll do considering they guy that made it passed away years ago. Just a terrible design for recurves honestly. My buddy tried it on his bows and had the same issue I did told me if it was him he would throw it in the trash.

These are standard field point-shaped arrowheads in a very nice variety of sizes (75 grain to 175 grain). They fit easily onto my standard arrows/bolts, and are of a reasonable quality for the price. Recommended.

Fantastic idea for dialing in your bow and arrow/tip combination. Makes it so much easier.

First I weighed each of the points. They were each within 1 grain of the posted weight. Remember that there are 7,000 grains to the common (avoirdupois) pound, so a grain is a very tiny measurement. Plus or minus 1 grain of tip weight is an acceptable tolerance for archery. These test points are the way you find out how the different tip weights affect the flight performance of the arrows you use with your bow.  Years ago we tuned my bow and found that for the aluminum arrows I used, 125 grain points provided the best velocity, flight consistency and target penetration. Now that I finally picked up some carbon shafts I need to do the whole process again. The only way to know, is to test fire the different combinations to see how they react. A heavier point will probably fly slower but have more terminal penetration than a lighter point. The point weight affects the balance point of the arrow (how far down the shaft it balances, this changes the flex and flight of the arrow also). But this is only one part of the entire package. Draw length, draw weight, arrow length, arrow spine, fletching length, fletching helical (spiral), arrow rest and release type also all play a part in the performance of your arrows. And I probably missed some points there. So read up. Watch videos. Hire a trainer to help tune your bow and arrow combination. Then practice, a lot.  Remember that these are test points. You will want to save them for that purpose and not wear them out as practice points. These are good quality, consistent points to help in the tuning process. Have fun and good shooting.

I ordered this to practice perfecting my aim when using different weight arrow tips. These tips are made of metal and fit the standard size arrows. By practicing with different weights I am teaching myself the finer intricacies of using arrows with tips of different weights. I would definitely recommend these for archers of any skill level.

I got these in today and was happy to report that these worked great for my arrow sets. The weight and sizing varys and help give you an idea of what works best for your arrow or bow needs. This is good also for target practice and keeps your sharper arrowheads from going blunt. The set of 15 comes in a box to keep them organized and easily see the sizes going up from small to large.

Great set to test out which weight performs best on my bow.

These came in a very nice plastic carrying/storage case. They work real well and I recommend them.

I just ordered a dozen rather retro broadheads, somewhat heavier than my field points, and will use 3 of these to do some target shooting to make any necessary adjustments before risking them. Nice field points, perfectly machined, and they fit standard arrow inserts.

These seem solid enough. I'm sure I'll dent these up real well, but the point (pun intended) is to become familiar with shooting with the weight of point you hunt with. It's a great idea. This has been one of the holdups preventing me from practicing for hunting. Now I have less excuse. :)  It won't fly quite the same, as the blades on a broadhead are going to have some impact on the flight characteristics, but it should be reasonably close.

It's certainly not the fanciest set of test tips you'll find, but they work. I put each individual tip on the scale, and the weight variation was well within the acceptable range. Good value for the price.

Shatterproof Archery Field Point Test Kit : Ok, this 15 pack of arrow points are great for me. They fit perfectly in my standard arrows, and its really great that I get this assortment of weights to try out in my arrows to see what weights help me to shoot my best. Note that the tips aren't labled with their weights though, you'll just have to take note of the amount of space behind the red line, and sort them visually if you get them mixed up.  I noticed some reviews complained of used tips, but I notice that the lighter weights look like they just came off the machine line, perfectly clean and shiny, and the higher weights, they look like they have been bumping around in a bin for awhile. There's nothing wrong with that, don't mistake it for being used.  Overall, A+, excellent product.

These are inexpensive and straightforward. I have used them without any issues on my standard foam targets. I haven't tried them on anything else yet but I think they should be fine.

I have been watching videos where they talk about a heavier arrow is better for deer hunting. In order to get dialed in with your setup you need to practice with different weighted points. I have been using 100gr and this has allowed me to practice using the different weights. I have found that for my setup using the 150gr point increased my penetration on my target by almost 3 inches more. The amount of drop using the heavier point is minimal for the range I am using 23-30-40 yards. Outside of 40 it does drop quite a lot, but I don't plan on taking shots past that anyway. Now that I am good to go, I am letting my buddy use these to set his up as well. Last year he missed one due to the arrow not going in far enough. it ran off and the arrow basically fell out. He never found it, but showed me pictures of the arrow. It went in just past the broadhead. We think with these he can get dialed in better. If you are looking to move to a heavier setup then get these to practice with and see how they react, before buying expensive broadheads that may not work for you.

All the weights are 25gn apart so there is a lot of variety. I'm not so skilled that a 25gn difference in the field point will make or break my shot since my consistency is pretty bad - just trying to get them on paper is tough enough. The finish on every single point is excellent with no wobble when spinning them. None of them have dulled when hitting standard targets or the ground.

We hunt different game and use different size broad heads. With this pack of different size practice tips it makes it easier to adjust sights for what we will be hunting.

These are seriously well made arrow tips... Two thumbs up and five stars... From the point to the threads everything is thumbs up and five stars concerning these arrow tips... Good day & God Bless... Randall M. Rueff K9RMR

I took the time to weigh each practice tip which I will include below. The weights was really close with just one being over a grain off. Other than the one they was all a +\- 1 grain. The tips are well made and comes with an o-ring so that they don’t loosen up after hitting the target. I’ve noticed that the o-rings keep the practice tip tight. Overall I’m satisfied with the different weighted tips.  75 grain tips 1) 74.5 2) 75.1 3) 74.9 100 grain tips 1) 100.8 2) 100.6 3) 100.7 125 grain tips 1) 124.6 2) 124.6 3) 124.6 150 grain tips 1) 149.4 2) 149.0 3) 150.1 175 grain tips 1) 173.9 2) 174.0 3) 173.8  You get 3 practice tips in each weight.

The box it came in had a bunch of grime on it and even under the clear label on top. The tab that latches it shut was broken off and some of the O-rings were off of the points or seemed worn.  Nothing I can't make work. But, not something I was expecting from a new set I just paid for.

Exactly what I needed

Small and compact

It's not even brown, the fur are completely Grey and before installing I've gotten covered in loose fur. After installing every release I can clearly see fur flying everywhere. But hey, my string doesn't vibrate

I did I terrible job of installing them. Look awful. But they work. Really well. The bow is half as loud as it was.

This string silencer is just as advertised! It only took a few minutes to install and it looks great. The beauty of it all is that it is not permanent. If you don't like how you installed it, you can just unstring the bow and adjust it as necessary. I've shot hundreds of arrows with them on and they are not showing any signs of wear!

Worked perfect for recurve bow. Watched video on how to install. Quieted the bow string.


Kramer is one of my go to youtube archers. Love the content and the products! He's not only running the shop but is also a customer! I bought an Old Mt. Mesa from 3rivers and it had a bad wood clanking sound at my 31" draw length. I dropped the brace height a bit and put these on the string and it shoots like a champ and quiet as a whisper! I need to get him to make me up a string soon! -m4Archery

Works as advertised

Perfect fit!

I shoot traditional archery. I like my equipment to look traditional while being high functioning. This checks all the boxes for me. Every item I have from Shatterproof has been great. Sometimes with small business buys the shipping time is longer than usual. I got this item and all others from them right on time.

Love this arm guard! Excellent quality and feel.

Thick, heavy leather. Well finished. High quality item.

What the secret ingredient is I don’t know but this is the best bow string wax I’ve ever used. Just the right mix of sticky and bees wax. It really is perfect!!

As advertised, quick delivery.

Made my first self bow using Shatterproof videos on YT. Needed some quick n sticky supplies to rub all on my flemish twist. Well I am here to tell you this stuff is the real deal. My twist stuck together as this little block of sticky, smooth wax heated up in my hands. It glides on and penetrates with some body heat while rubbing your bowstring. And nobody got pregnant.

Excelente producto

This stuff is just a block of wax as the pictures show but that's fine it works well. I've kept mine wrapped in wax paper since it arrived and that's how I hold it when I'm using it. This has kept it from drying out and the application smooth without any cracking or flaking. I've used this more than 20 times now and it feels like I've just started at using it. Between my bow and my daughter's this should last use easily long enough to warrant the 13$ price tag for a good quality product. Just make sure you either craft yourself a holder for it or wrap it in wax paper to extend the life and make application less messy.

Great product & value, but wax needs to be sold with some type of dispenser/holder. A bit messy to use.

I'm very happy with this wax, it's easily applied even at colder temperatures especially if you heat your bowstring up with a bit of friction before application. The wax has a faint, but pleasant and refreshing odor to it. You can smell it when you pull back your bowstring. It's only slightly tacky to the touch once you've finished smoothing it into the bowstring. So far I haven't needed to apply a new layer after more than 70 shots with my bow, the wax bonds well with my bowstring. Overall this is a great natural bowstring wax, however, if it's left in a hot place like a garage or car it can melt a bit and bond with the cardboard box it comes in and you'll lose a layer of wax, so it's always a good idea to store in a cool place when you're done with it.

This wax coated evenly and lasted longer than I expected it to. I like the larger surface area on it, I have more control over where it goes on my string. My old wax was in a little plastic tube and hard to finely control it. This one is just a lump of wax in your hand and you do the rest. I would recommend putting it inside a shop towel to keep the wax off your fingers, and to keep the dust and crap off the wax when you are not using it. I store mine in the shop towel and then in a zip bag. Takes up like no space. I generally prefer a little less wax on the serving area, so this lets me control that. I get an even coating of wax and my bowstring is nice and smooth. The only reason I took off a star is because if you are using it close to the edge, you will get some little pieces split off. It isn't too bad but does get a bit annoying over time. I have several bows to wax at once, so it adds up.

I have the Mathews V3X and like any bow I like to wax my string every few months. Of course never put the wax on the serving and never over due it. It only takes a little bit. Just rub it in the the fingers. Don’t overly wax the string. Only wax every few months if that depending on use. If you over due it then it will just get all up in the cams and everything else which will be a pain to try and clean up. My only complaint about this wax is there is nothing to store it in. It comes in a box and that is it. Over time the box just starts falling apart and then you have to find something else to store it in. Other than that it’s great and does work.

This Shatterproof brand wax is a blend of waxes and resins as noted by the manufacturer, and reacts well to a little heat to soften it more for application. After warming up a bit, I rubbed it into the cable fibers with a clean dry tack cloth instead of my fingers and difference it makes in action is night and day, while helping to lubricate and seal out moisture.  A bit pricey (almost double over typical string wax) for what feels like blended beeswax and no container or tube for storage, but it works well and should last a long while.

I used this for waxing ledges and curbs while Skateboarding and it works quite well. The trucks and wheels slide no problem when waxed up.

It's seems fine what can I say it's bow wax I'm no pro but found smaller size works a bit better than larger bars I've used.it does the job real fine.👍

This is excellent wax. It's got a nice solid texture and just the right amount of sticky. It's not so sticky that it gets annoying but just sticky enough that it perfectly adheres to string. The box is a bit of a nuisance since that sticky bit likes to hold onto cardboard. I wish this came with a little case. The shape is a conical frustrum. I printed a case for it but it's likely just fine in the box.

A must have for archery. Recurve bows strings are fibers not a woven line like on compound bows. This wax helps keep the fibers together and helps for a clean solid release. Many new bow strings come pre waxed but it needs to be reapplied regularly. This does the trick.

This bow string wax is great. It is solid and sturdy. It holds up well with application. It transfers easily without wearing down.  My only issue was getting it out of the box, because it is packed tightly.  Excellent product, I highly recommend it.

This is very nice and I never thought i needed it until I inspected my bow and realized that I should probably maintain the string better. Especially after having bows over $500, its easy to apply and know that your not going to damage your strings from drying out. The wax itself is not super hard or really soft. The consistency of it is very nice and once applied to the string its a good idea to just rub it in evenly.  The wax came in quickly as expected and works great. Nothing to complain about. Im glad I found this product for my bows.

I have been using a string wax on my cross bow that was recommended by the manufacturer. It has a very different consistency from this wax. It is very soft and is almost like a stiff hand cream. I decided to use the Shatterproof wax on the cables and the platform where the arrow moves when released. It seems to be fine on those areas. The Shatterproof archery wax looks and feels like bees wax, which I assume it is. There is nothing wrong with using it on recurve strings, which are illustrated in the ad for this wax. I am not comfortable using it on the very high tension cross bow strings that I use.

Bowstring wax is almost universally plain beeswax, or some combination of beeswax, an organic oil to soften it, and rosin to make it stickier and adhere better to the string. Some old timers mixed up beeswax and lard. I’ve always used plain beeswax for making Flemish strings, and various commercial and homemade mixes for string maintenance. This wax looks a lot like plain beeswax, but feels a little bit softer. The company’s web site says that this wax is a mixture of beeswax, pine rosin, and olive oil. I rubbed a bit on one of my Flemish strings, and found that it went on smoothly. While you can mix your own, this is a convenient preparation, if a bit expensive.

The wax is soft and easy to apply to the bowstring, so all in all a good quality wax.

Excellent quality, fit and works great!!

As advertised and quick delivery


Fits great



very quick turnaround.

very pleased.


Super fun bow. Putting more fun into archery

The glove fits perfectly extremely comfortable. Well worth the purchase.

Very nice piece of bamboo, can’t wait to get started on my board bow.

Orders shipped quickly and all items were in great shape. Thanks Shatterproof!!

Really appreciated the level of service and advice offered, and the product all seem very high quality.




Great customer service


The quality speaks for itself. Amazing strings as always.


This string is phenomenal. They waxed it really well, the extra long center serving is awesome. They wax sealed the package with the Shatterproof logo. These guys really care about the products they make. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY

Very nice. You can tell this is a realistic design and designed by other archers. It's a little pricey but its a much better pocket arrow holder than the cheap Chinese ones that were the options. Also it doesn't have those worthless little loops to put the arrows into. Who's going to fool around with trying to get arrows into those little loops for a back pocket quiver? That's what I saw on the cheap Chinese ones. You want to put the arrow in quickly and get them out quickly. I love this thing when I'm bare shafting/tuning arrows. There's no need to wear my whole belt rig when I'm only working with a low count of arrows.

It is very durable and convenient

Quiver is very functional, I wrapped some paracord around the center of the quiver so that it would fit nice and tight in the rear pocket!

Very sturdy, the leather is thick and well sewn.

Overall quality is nice. Only flaw is that the rivets in the upper pocket corners kind of just fell right out when I put a couple arrows in it. I still really like it anyway because the stitching is all good and the leather is of high quality and the look and feel and convenience of keeping a few arrows in my back pocket.

I asked for a left as shown in the picture and they sent me the opposite one. I had to cut it and re shape it ro make it work. I only shoot my bow once a week and it starting wearing out right away. Buying something better next time

Wonderful craftsmanship!

Easily my favorite bow.

Quick service, quality products

Very High quality

I really like this bow string. I waited to review it until I could put 1000 ish arrows downrange and I have to say its miles beyond any longbow string I've ever shot. Quite, fast, and huge reduction in hand vibration


Fantastic quality. Very quiet material.




To be honest the customer service was one of the best I ever dealt with. Order was lost and they redid it and got it out to me asap.

Loved the string.  So much quieter than the string that came with it.

Love supporting these dudes and the customer service is amazing.

I imagined the arm guard to be good, but not this good! It’s just excellent


High Quality, fast shipping. You guys are very professional and make thing easy to understand. Thank you for all you do!

Great string ,a lot cheaper because it was in stock. It shipped and arrived at my door in 4 days. These young guys have their jobs together and know what they are doing. I own 12 trad bows and this is my go to shop when I need anything for them.



Fast delivery; string was perfect length for my bow and am shooting great groups with it!

everything UNTIL

Excellent and fast service! String fit and works great!

Smooth AND fast

Smooth and fast

Personal attention. It was great to have good old customer service with the convenience of online.


It will wax your string. Easy to apply, nice storage tube. I followed the advice of someone and used a spare piece of leather I had to rub the wax into the string after I applied it. Moving the leather back and forth created enough friction to warm the wax and really get it into the string.

Awesome product!! Came quick and speedy..the health of my bow string look so much brighter..thank you so very much..

My kid is just getting into archery and Gus is one of the numerous items that real archers must have if they are serious about the sport and taking care of their equipment. The wax is smooth and does not chunk up on you. The tube is super convenient and he keeps it in the pouch on his quiver. It’s a must have and probably the best in the market.

So, the tips are ok. They seat well, seem properly weighted, and come with the gaskets. My only beef is the case allowed all the gaskets to spread everywhere, all the tips don't fit nicely in their spots, mainly the 75 grain, and none of the tips are marked only the box is.

There's nothing overly fancy about these. I don't think they were overpromised or underpromised. They came in a little plastic case (maybe 2"x4"x1/2") and it had a bunch of field points in it. Glad to have it to test various weights and performances as I learn my bow.

These tips are ideal for perfecting your aim and learning the limitations of different arrows and different draw strengths. They are well machined and fit easily. Great product for archers.

Like the different sizes all in one kit! Petty strong too!

Shatterproof makes the best. Buy with confidence.


String works great !!  I will buy from these guys again.




Great Customer service



Nothing but a custom handmade bowstring for my custom handmade bow…of course!

Nice leather stringer; grips my bow quite well.

Great silencers for longbow.

Fast shipping.

The glove is made the perfect thickness. The arm guard is quick to put on and take off . I highly recommend Shatterproof Archery.


I ruined my first order (string) you guys replaced it although it was my fault.  The second attempt went much better! Top notch service!


The string was set up perfectly. I ordered a D97 flemish twist for my Korean bow but will also order for my trad recurves when needed as well. Top notch guys!


String is nice and snappy, silencers are perfect, and easy to install after I watched your YouTube video. Getting ready to order 2 more strings and silencers.

Shatterproof strings never let me down.   high quality custom strings at a great price.

Excellent customer service and responsiveness, unbelievable quality and just straight up beautiful work! A powerful bow that shoots smoother than butter!

String fit perfect and looks great

It seems to be a very good quality bow string.

1St 200 shots when fine, just a little stretching, a few twists of the string fixed problem.



Smooth shooting. Easy to handle. A beautiful looking bow. Lights out accurate with my hunting arrows. Absolutely recommend getting an RD Bones!

I really like the quality and fit and feel. Great arm guard.

I ordered a string off of Amazon through Shatterproof and I was so happy they have their stuff on that site as I am in Canada and it was easier to order and it did all the conversion for me. I received the string and put it on my bow and it was  like a switch was flipped on the performance of the bow. very happy with it and it's performance!

best diy lesson you can get.

I learned How to make my first longbow trough these guys randomly, from YouTube. I made two bows, to directions. I then ordered strings from them for my 2 bows! this company then personally contacted me to make sure the measurements were correct’ (my fault). I later shared what I had created from there help, with them. I also have purchased 9 strings total!! I’m new to archery, but not to quality! Fantastic archery company, that means to give you the best quality you deserve and service to match. That’s what happened to me

Honest hard working American

Great work gents!

High quality and serving and waxing were perfect. I 100% ordered the wrong AMO length but that's on me. Overall higher quality string than anything I could get locally- will be ordering correct length soon as I can get out to the range!






Just fits so smooth, softened the leather up just a bit with some mink oil to form to my arm a bit better and it gret!

exactly what the Dr ordered. Its a bow stringer, and made with nice leather...no cheapys here!

Best bow strings around. Just ordered 2 more strings with silencers. Keep up the excellent work.

Exactly as expected...shipped without delay.

Order was processed and received so quickly.  Top notch equipment and gear for my bow!  I will definitely order from Shatterproof Archery again !  A++++

Good, straight forward transaction. 👍

The new string brought my grandfathers old bear recurve to life

The Bow Shoot so true! If you come out with any other bows let me know.

Quality bamboo slat seems very good.

High quality wax. Not sticky and blends well!



Comfortable, high quality. Looks good and works great. I especially love the tab!

Another well made product from Shatterproof!

Everything from Shatterproof I have bought has been well made.

Love the string! I did find that a 57” gave me the desired draw length for the 60” black hunter recurve and long bow.



High quality, fast shipping.

Quietest bow right out of the box I have ever purchase and I have been shooting trad for almost 60 years. Smooth to draw and as an instinctive shooter I appreciate how it comes up easily on target as I draw the bow. Finally love the looks of a walnut bow.


When I went to Pick up my string from their shop directly. I got a tour of it and to meet them please. They care about what they do



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