What is the difference between static and dynamic spine?

Knowing the difference between static and dynamic spine is only useful as long as it is helpful, if the information doesn't help you tune your arrows better it's fluffy trash. We are going to get straight to the point on the differences between static and dynamic spine so that you can understand the factors that come into play when tuning your arrows.
What is Static Spine?
Static means having no motion so a static spine is the spine of an arrow when it is still or not being shot. This is the spine that the manufacturers assign to the arrow measuring 29” sitting on pegs 28” apart with about a 2 lb weight hanging from the middle. How much that 2 lb weight makes the arrow bend is the static spine.
What is a dynamic Spine?
Well, Dynamic means relating to objects in motion, so dynamic spine is the spine of your arrow as it is being shot out of your bow. The factors that affect dynamic spine come from the bow you are shooting as well as the arrow.
First, with the bow, anything that impacts the speed of the arrow or the flight of the arrow will impact the dynamic spine. The bows draw weight and length, your draw length, and the type of string you use will all affect the speed of the arrow and the depth of the arrow shelf will affect the flight of the arrow.
Secondly, after you take your factory arrow the dynamic spine is increased by adding weight to the back of the arrow or cutting your arrow shorter and decreased by adding weight to the front of the arrow
What is the difference?
The difference is that static spine is how the arrow reacts when it is still while the dynamic spine is how it reacts when it is shot.
Dynamic spine has way more factors
and the fact that there are so many factors
means the factory flack favors the archer,
cause when you actually act,
arrows fly farther
than when you factually find ideas and sit longer, doing nothing.
What I mean is do something
and then do something better
rather than writing a letter of why you can’t be an archer.
Maybe I took that too far but let's go further,
have fun shooting your bow,
and don’t let facts kill the flight of your arrow.
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