The 7 Benefits of Archery

1. Archery occupies 100% of your attention and 0%
What do I mean by 100% and 0%? Well, archery is high-key and low-key. A lot of life we are multitasking thinking of something that is not in front of us. According to Harvard Business Review, 46.9% of our days are spent with our minds wandering from what we are doing.
When you shoot a bow and arrow the focus is clear, it is the target and you can monotask easily, especially if you are trying to improve. So archery captivates all of our focus.
But with archery, you can also not focus especially If you have shot archery for a considerable amount of time. You can grab 3 arrows go to your backyard and 30 minutes later you realize that you have been
dreaming, problem-solving, and processing all your life events. This is where the low-key non-focus ties into the therapeutic side of archery. When I shoot a bow (by myself at least) it is low-key enough that I can think about anything. What helps me is to keep my thoughts positive like addition or the multiplication of 2 negatives.
Whether you work from home as a professional napper who needs to focus or your a neurosur
geon who needs to relax, archery can benefit you.
2. Archery Always has a Challenge
Challenges are how we grow and with archery, there is always a challenge if you want it.
Some of my favorite ways to challenge myself are to score each group of shots and try to beat my record, or to see how many arrows in a row I can get within a certain circle.
If you are competitive and want to compete there are tons of archery competitions.
For many archers, hunting
is a huge challenge and very rewarding. If you are thinking that you have maxed out in archery and you cannot get any better, I have 2 words for you, "Scoot Back."
3. Archery is Therapeutic
This is especially true for both bow building and for shooting archery. Archery can be extremely relaxing as it detaches you from the day-to-day.
Sebastjan from Slovenia said this during the pandemic, "You know, a man has to do something to keep his sanity. If this means shooting bow and arrow in the basement of the apartment building at midnight (safety first), so be it." And to that, I say, "Amen!"
If you are a hunter like me, being outside in creation is extremely refreshing and relaxing for my soul; if it were not for archery I would not be there.
One other thing that archery offers that our normal day-to-day life usually doesn't offer is instant feedback. When shooting a bow, you aim (or don't aim) and let the arrow go and within seconds you know exactly how you did. Knowing how we are doing is vital to our growth
4. Archery is a Blast
If you have shot a bow then you know and if you haven't you should try blindfolded archery because you don't know what you are missing (that's a joke:).
Andrew Wagoner says, "Hey! I’m trying my hand at making my first bow! Following your video on the higher performance DIY bow and it’s been a blast, I’m so excited to be finally getting into archery."
From hunting to competition to times with friends to relaxing, archery is an amazing way to have fun!
5. Archery is a Workout
Archery works out muscles that you normally would not use, especially some muscles in your back. You are also active walking to get your arrows and back unless you are lazy and make your kids fetch the arrows for you. This may not be all bad because then it is a workout for your kids.
Shawn Fisher says, "Archery has amazing benefits for muscular strength and posture it can help alleviate back pain.
" I do not know if archery removes back pain or not but I would give it a shot!
6. Archery Builds Community
This is true for those shooting archery and for those who become bowyers with others. Archery is a great way to connect with your family. I respond to emails for shatterproof archery and I have gotten many many emails like this one from Shawn Fisher. "Got the Stuff. It will go nicely with the Left-handed bow I am making, my wife is a Lefty. Team Shatterproof helping families spend quality time together."
Archery is also a great way to form friendships. CS Lewis says that "Friendship arises out of mere Companionship when two or more of the companions discover that they have in common some insight or interest or even taste which the others do not share and which, till that moment, each believed to be his own unique treasure (or burden)."
Friendships are formed when two or more people are focused on the same goal. In archery, the goal can very easily be defined (the target), and it is easy to do it with others.
Another cool aspect of the community of archery is that anyone can do it. Since you could shoot a 10lb bow or a 100lb bow or shoot at 10 yards or 100 yards, spend 10 bucks or 10 hundreds of bucks almost anyone can shoot archery from less than 10 years old to over 100 years old.
7. Archery isn't For Everyone
You might be thinking, that I just said that anyone can shoot archery and you are right, almost anyone CAN shoot archery key word being CAN. About 5% of people in the United States shoot archery. Imagine if 56% of people shot archery! Aren't we glad that there are so few of us? This makes it all the more special for those who shoot archery.
These are just a few of the benefits of archery. Give it a shot;)
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