10 Lies Most People Believe About Archery

    1. You are only as good as your equipment. – This lie is prevalent not only in archery but with almost anything, it sounds like if only I had those shoes, I would be better at basketball or if only I had a fancy car, then people would think I am cool. The truth is that any good tool is going to make you more of what you already are. If you miss the target with a $50 bow, you will probably miss the target with a $1200 bow. Now good equipment can help by making it more enjoyable or comfortable helping you focus but the equipment is only as good as the archer.
    2. The Higher poundage you pull the manlier you are. – I don’t know if women struggle with this lie as well but for men, it is like, “ you better believe you won’t see me at the range with a 35lb bow because I can pull 60lbs, even though 35lb is what I am most accurate with and it’s the most comfortable and fun and I can shoot longer because my arm and form aren’t dead after 3 shots.” Is this just me? Pulling heavy poundage doesn’t make you more manly or womanly, it doesn’t even mean you are strong. There are lots of strong people that cannot even draw a bow back. Pulling heavy poundage just means that you can pull back heavy poundage, it has nothing to do with your identity.
    3. I am successful when I meet someone else’s standard. – If you shoot archery this way you will probably never be content and so many people get into archery and judge themselves based on someone else’s definition of success. First, let’s define success as, “the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” thank you earl nightingale. So what’s your worthy ideal when it comes to archery? Is it to relax and have fun, build community, put meat on the table, or win archery tournaments? Decide what that is for you and progressively move towards that and that will be success!
    4. Archery is a science or an art- Have you ever seen a dude in a lab coat painting? Neither have I. Some people like to approach archery this way; first, they see someone shoot a bow in a movie and they think that it is cool so they watch 11 videos on which bow to get, and then they do research online on what arrows to get and what is the best bowstring and if a tab or glove is better or split or three under and how to aim, instinctive is dumb so gap or string walking and on and on and on and they still haven’t shot the bow. The whole purpose of all these variables is so that you can be more successful at archery which involves shooting your bow. There are so many variables that if you treat it like a science it’s not fun. I am not saying to not do research but remember the purpose of the research, to shoot your bow. Archery is a science, but you have to treat it like an art. Ask yourself the question of how this change affects how it feels to shoot the bow. Does 7” brace height feel better or does this an 8”? Let your shooting teach you just as much as your research. Remember the bow is your lab coat, the arrow is your paintbrush and the target is the canvas.
    5. Traditional is better than compound or vice versa – Saying that traditional archery is better than compound is like saying that physical mail is better than email. One is not better than the other, here is the key, they serve different purposes. Compound bows, just like email are faster than trad bows, they are easier to aim and send but there is something about a handwritten note that an email cannot satisfy. They are both good and depending on your definition of success a traditional or compound bow may be better for you, but that does not mean that it is better for everyone. To be clear, compound bows do not have training wheels.
    6. I will never know enough – This lie is so deceptive because it’s true.. until you finish the sentence. I will never know enough to enjoy archery or be good at it. Now that is not true. You will never know all there is to know, I just started going through an archery course where we spent over an hour on just how to hold the bow and grab the string and we haven’t even drawn the bow back yet. But you can know enough enjoy it and be good. Instead of looking at all the information on archery like a mountain that you will never summit, look at it like a mountain range that you will never finish exploring. It’s more fun that way.
    7. Archery is too expensive- Your wrong! You can get into archery with $12 arrows a tab, arm guard, bow, and bowstring for less than $100 and that is if you buy everything. If you want to see a video on how to do that, let me know😊 Chances are you have the ability, resources, and tools to build a bow at your house right now. And if you do not believe me, just watch the will it bow series. You can build your own bow, use paracord as a string, buy 6 arrows, shoot at a card board target, and come in at less than $30 bucks. Now archery can be expensive, especially when you own 12 bows but it does not have to be.
    8. Archery is too intimidating; it takes a lot to get into archery – Okay let’s get simple. What is archery. 2 sticks and a string. You stick the string on the end of one of the sticks and stick the other stick on the mid of the string, you pull back and let it fly until it sticks into something. It’s simple and here are a couple of tips to make it less intimidating. Have a big target or backdrop so there is no fear of missing. Get really close to the target. Get an arm guard or put a hoodie on so that the string does not slap your wrist and finally get off the internet.
    9. Archery is dangerous. - “You’ll shoot your eye out” Just remember the next time you get in your car you are 349 times more likely to get in a wreck than to get injured if you spent that time shooting your bow. Oh, and the most common injury from archery is an abrasion.
    10. Archery is for the country – This one is tricky because it is a lie and a truth and part lie and part truth. First, it is a lie, archery is also for the city, there are indoor ranges and outdoor ranges in many cities. But it is also true because archery is for the country, the whole country. But it is also a partial lie because it is not just for this country it is for the whole world, but it is also a partial truth because archery is, at least for me, better in the country.


    Don’t believe lies, they are lies! Enjoy the truth and enjoy archery and stay shatterproof!

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