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Shatterproof Archery

The BONES "Planet" 40lb - #3 of 4

The BONES "Planet" 40lb - #3 of 4

This is a one-of-a-kind bow in the "Planet" series.

There are 4 bows in the planet series, one made for Bow Hunter Planet and 3 to auction off. Each of the bows has a different handle design making them all truly unique. 

We will never make this bow again!

Reflex Deflex style based on the BONES:

A reflex-deflex bow made with everything you want and nothing you don't.
With hundreds iterations over 2 years, Kramer (Shatterproof Archery Founder) settled on his favorite design for an incredibly smooth shooting bow. A benefit of making a bow that is as smooth as butter is speed. A silky shooting bow is efficient, giving a few extra feet per second.

This bow:

  • Peruvian Walnut, Red Heart, Curly Maple and Fiberglass Riser
  • Peruvian Walnut and Red Heart limbs with a bamboo core
  • Reflex Deflex
  • AMO = 58"
  • Draw weight = 40lb

The highest bid wins:

- The one-of-a-kind BONES style bow 

- Custom matching D97 bowstring with Beaver silencers

- Perfect Sticky Bowstring Wax

- 2 Universal Arrow Rests

- Pro Customer Service

- An evergreen video of these bow being built which will always be tied to this bow series (Kramer Ammons Youtube Channel).

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