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#43 @ 28" "RD" Bones - Reflex Deflex Longbow

#43 @ 28" "RD" Bones - Reflex Deflex Longbow

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The Story:

Kramer has been building bows since he was 14 with the dream of one day selling them. 14 years later he designed this bow for what he would personally take to hunt deer, elk, or other big game. After experimenting with about 50 bow builds, many of which broke, he finally hit the sweet spot with the "RD" Bones.

What is "RD" Bones?

The "RD" Bones is a high-quality Reflex Deflex bow.

  • Handmade with a Bamboo Core, Osage Handle, and Bearpaw Fiberglass
  • Right Handed bow
  • 58" AMO
  • Handmade 54.5" D97 Bowstring and Calf Hair Arrow Rest Included
  • Recommended Draw Length 29" and under
  • Recommended brace height is 7.375” +- ¼”
  • Ships within 2-3 days
  • 163FPS with 500 grain arrow 


B-55 is 100% Polyiester

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