The B55 bow string is the quietest and smoothest shooting bow string so every shot will be enjoyable!


Bow String Features: 

  • For wood, self, recurve, fiberglass, and longbows. 
  • 14 strand bow string. 
  • Polygrip Serving 
  • Flemish twist bow string (hand woven).
  • 10" (extra long) serving section to protect the string from wrist slap.
  • The string is served and ready to shoot.
  • Pre-Waxed. 
  • Pre-Stretched. 
  • Faster than orginal B50 Dacron, but smoother and more forgiving than Fast Flight. 


The B55 bow strings are the choice for your handmade or vintage bow. B55 is similar to Dacron, but has better durability and a lower stretch.


If you're looking for a smooth shooting string, this is the one for you!



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