Most arm guards are made with 1 piece of rigid leather, but we made the Ultimate Arm Guard with 3 pieces of flexible leather.


This gives you maximum comfortability and protection while you shoot!


3 facts to consider when choosing an arm guard:

1. The arm guard has to be able to protect your arm and withstand a beating.

2. The arm guard needs to be comfortable.

3. The arm guard needs to be quiet and fast to put on.


The Ultimate Arm Guard meets these three criteria's!


Arm Guard Features:

  • We used 3 pieces of leather for maximium flexibility and strength.
  • Fully adjustable with the cordage provided.
  • Customize the shape for ultimate comfortability.
  • Fast and quiet to put on.
  • 7" long for complete protection.
  • 6" wide on the upper arm fadding down to 4" wide on the wrist.


Special note: There could be slight color variations due to using real leather and the piece of hide you receive.



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