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Most arm guards are made with 1 piece of rigid leather. We made The Ultimate Arm Guard with 3 pieces of flexible leather giving you maximum comfortability and protection!


When selecting an arm guard 3 things are of most importance. 


1. The arm guard has to be able to protect your arm and withstand a beating. 

2. The arm guard needs to be comfortable. 

3. The arm guard  needs to be quiet and fast to put on.


We created the Ultimate Arm Guard to meet these three needs. 


Here are the features that make this arm guard one of a kind!


  • We used 3 pieces of leather for maximium flexibility and strength
  • Fully adjustable with the cordage provided
  • Customized shape for the ultimate comfortability
  • Fast and quiet to put on
  • 7" Long for complete protection
  • 6" wide on the upper arm fadding down to 4" wide on the wrist
  • Handmade by Garrett Davis himself

The Ultimate Arm Guard

Left Or Right Arm

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