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Most archers don't want a bow string that is uncomfortable to shoot so we created the quietest, smoothest shooting bow string so that every shot will be an enjoyable shot!



Bow String Features 

  • For wood bows, fiberglass bows, longbows, self bows, and recurve bows.
  • 16 strand bow string. 
  • Flemish twist bow string [hand woven]
  • 10" [extra long] serving section to protect the string from wrist slap.
  • The string is served and ready to shoot. 
  • Pre-Waxed 
  • Pre-Stretched 
  • D-97 this classic bowstring has stood the test of time! 
  • Faster than B-55 slower than Fastflight, this string is perfectly smooth and fast!


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D-97 Bowstring (Black on Black)

Type of bow
Finished Length of Bow String
  • After your bowstring is ordered It takes 1-3 days to make and process it.

    You will receive an email upon shipment!

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