How to get perfect nock fit

Perfect Nock Fit

Bad nock fit has many foibles that you can see in this video. To get a perfect nock fit you must make it match your nocks. Here are ways to adjust the nock fit to your nocks.

  1. Make your bowstring with more or fewer strands. We make ours with 12 strands for B55, 14 Strands for D97, and 16 strands with 652 Spectra.

  2. Use thicker or thinner serving material. Serving material comes in many different sizes, we use .02"

  3. If you have already made the string, and you need thicker serving you can simply add a strand or two of bowstring material that is 6" long to the area where you will serve and serve over it.

  4. Serve looser or tighter. Looser serving will be thicker and tight serving will compress the string making it thinner.

Enjoy making your bowstring! If you need Wax or bowstring material check it out below and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out at